Thursday, 29 September 2011

Want SNSD "The Boys" teasers in Wallpaper size? You wish is granted!

OK we all SONE's right now preparing for SNSD biggest ever comeback yet, and SM has kindly released all 9 beautiful girls Teaser images! But unfortunately the original ones are not in wallpaper size to fill our our ugly desktops! Well think again, thanks to SNSDkorean we have posted all the teaser images that will be suitable to put up as wallpapers on your computer! Stay tuned for more teaser images to come!

SNSD reveals teaser pictures for Yuri, YoonA and Seohyun!


Continuing with the string of image teasers for their comeback, SNSD‘s YoonA, Yuri, and Seohyun‘s photos were revealed today!

YoonA transformed into a fierce fencer, while Yuri dons a lost party girl look. As for Seohyun, she looks absolutely ethereal as a snow queen draped in furs.

There’ll be more teasers to come, so stay tuned for more updates!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

SNSD unveils Jessica, Tiffany and SooYoung Teaser picture for "The Boys" + Comeback Performance announced!

More teaser pictures for Girls’ Generation’s third album, “The Boys”, have been released.  Today’s teasers are Jessica, Sooyoung and Tiffany.
In keeping with the lighter theme of yesterday’s teasers, Jessica resembles a heavenly fairy in the clouds wearing a flowing white dress.
Sooyoung is pictured on laying on the floor on top of a huge ornate rug.  This picture resembles Taeyeon’s Victorian look while at the same time having a modern feel.

The final teaser picture today is none other than Tiffany, and she looks magical laying among shiny disco balls.  Netizens have commented that she looks like Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”.
SM Entertainment also revealed today that Girls’ Generation will have their first comeback performance on October 7th on KBS “Music Bank”.
With only Yuri, Yoona and Seohyun left to reveal their teaser pictures, Girls’ Generation’s comeback is already drawing a lot of anticipation.
Stay tuned for more updates on their comeback! SNSD HWAITING!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

SNSD's Hyoyeon and Sunny reveals teaser pictures for "The Boys"!


It’s barely been a day since SNSD‘s full comeback date was officially announced, yet fans are already clamoring over the return, fervently awaiting the latest teasers to be released. Just moments earlier, SM Entertainment unveiled two more teasers featuring Sunny and Hyoyeon!

Like Taeyeon‘s photo, Sunny and Hyoyeon’s photos both carry auras of elegance while stunning fans with the ladies’ new looks. Sunny wears a red hood and ruffled cream dress with heavy eyeliner and side-swept blonde hair. Hyoyeon sports a short blonde bob with flowers dramatically accenting her head, with unconventional make-up to match.

With these three releases, fans have been attempting to piece together what this track concept will be. Many speculated that there would be an underlying fairytale theme, as Taeyeon holds a red apple in her hand like Snow White and Sunny’s outfit alludes to the Red Riding Hood. Though not a fairytale character, many fans are already exclaiming that Hyoyeon’s piercing stare is reminiscent of the Parisian Amélie.

Fans have been curious about What do you think the concept for ‘The Boys‘ could be?

Monday, 26 September 2011

SMTown writes more info of SNSD Comeback Globally!

We SONE's can't get enough of our girls! So we update alot of stuff of their comeback, and here is what SMTown has been writing!

"Girls’ Generation’s Worldwide Comeback! 
The Third Album Title Song, ‘The Boys,’ will be Released Worldwide at the Same Time on October 4th! 
Work by Teddy Riley who is Renowned for one of the World’s Three Producers and Michael Jackson’s Producer!
Releasing the Title Song and Music Video in Both Korean and English! 

The best girl group, Girls’ Generation, who has been creating a worldwide sensation all around the world, will finally make a comeback.

Girls’ Generation will release the third album title song, ‘The Boys,’ through iTunes (Americas, Europe, South America, etc.) worldwide and through various music websites in Asia including Korea on October 4th. Also the full tracks from the album will be released on October 5th so it’s predicted to create a ‘Girls’ Generation Syndrome’ once again.

Also, this album is produced with ‘worldwide’ concept because of Girls’ Generation’s growing popularity not only in Asia but also in the world. They will reveal both Korean and English versions of ‘The Boys’ for the song and music video so it is expected to receive an enthusiastic response from music fans in the world.

Especially the title song ‘The Boys’ is written, composed and arranged by Teddy Riley, who was Michael Jackson’s producer and is considered as one of the world’s three producers. Teddy Riley was a member of ‘Black Street’ who has created the ‘New Jack Swing.’ He is currently producing Lady Gaga’s album and has been receiving worldwide reputation as the best producer so Teddy Riley’s work with Girls’ Generation is expected to make massive headlines.

Therefore, Girls’ Generation’s differentiated status and charisma which will be proved by the perfection of new songs, performances, producing technology based on SM’s global network system and Girls’ Generation’s developed abilities are enough to fascinate global music fans.

Moreover, since the third album, ‘The Boys,’ is Girls’ Generation’s new album, which will be released after the third mini album, ‘Hoot’ released last October, Girls’ Generation’s everything such as music, performance, style, etc. are predicted to become a hot issue.

In addition, Girls’ Generation has performed in overseas after they swept the grand prize at the end-of-year music awards in Korea last year. Girls’ Generation was the first foreign artist who recorded the highest sales of album by selling the first Japanese album over 680,000 copies and they ended Japan Arena Tour, which met 140,000 fans, in great success. Also, Girls’ Generation was first-ever foreign girl group to draw the largest audiences (31,000 audiences) at their solo concert in Taiwan and SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS was very successful. Girls’ Generation made these remarkable performances as the best girl group representing Asia so it is predicted to prove Girls’ Generation’s global status and influence with ‘The Boys.’

Meanwhile, starting with Taeyeon on September 26th (today), teaser images of members with new look will be released in order and it is predicted that music fans’ expectation and curiosity for Girls’ Generation’s new music and performance will grow. The third album, ‘The Boys’ will be released on October 5th."

SM Entertaiment Confirms that SooYoung will join SNSD's Comeback!

On the 26th of September, a representative of SM revealed over the phone with reporters that Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung would be returning with the rest of Girls’ Generation for their comeback scheduled on the 5th of October. The representative said that, “Fortunately, Sooyoung will be able to join the girls for their comeback. She had a very strong will and determination to rejoin the girls. However, we will still continue to constantly monitor her condition during their promotions.”

In order to quicken the duration of her recovery, Sooyoung was absent for the SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO concerts, and it looks like her decision has paid off as she will be able to perform on stage once again. Sooyoung is currently rehearsing for their comeback together with the rest of Girls’ Generation, but she is ensuring that she does not overwork herself.

The representative on the phone ended off by saying, “Sooyoung is making sure that she does not strain herself during rehearsals, and she is also getting occasional checkups. They will be focusing on their practice sessions so that they can create the best stage possible during their comeback.”
Girls’ Generation’s comeback was confirmed to be on the 5th of October, and more information about their long awaited comeback can be found here
It looks like fans can look forward to having all nine members of Girls’ Generation performing on stage once again!

SNSD Comeback confirmed this October 4th + Taeyeon's Concept Photo Revealed!

The time has come for fans to grab their pink glowsticks again: confirming previous rumors, SNSD has finally released the details for their much-anticipated comeback!

The title of the ladies’ third full album will be ‘The Boys‘, and it will hit store shelves on October 5, with the eponymous title track being released separately on the day before on October 4.
Also some information has emerged that the album will be released globally, As Girls’ Generation has grown as a girl group that gains attention, not only in Asia, but all over the world, they have planned a fitting “worldwide” concept. They are planning on revealing both Korean and English versions of ‘The Boys”, for both the song and music video.

‘The Boys’ is especially notable for being composed by Teddy Riley, the American composer who worked with Michael Jackson, and more recently, with Rania for “Dr Feel Good“. In addition, the music video will be released in both English and Korean.

Meanwhile, “kid leader” Taeyeon‘s teaser picture was also released, and it shows her dressed in a stately, Victorian gown and exuding nearly tangible amounts of charisma and charm. What kind of concept do you think the girls have up their sleeves this time around?
Stay tuned on GirlsGenerationUK for more updates for SNSD biggest ever comeback yet!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Happy Birthday Hyoyeon!!

Celebrating our dancing queens birthday is time for popping fun and facts! Today is our Kim Hyoyeon 22nd Birthday (23rd Korean Age)!
Queen of not only of dance but also a pure hearted girl, it is time to go through her personality and fun facts about her, as well some memorable videos!
Unknown facts can be found about Hyoyeon here!
Amazing dance Videos not to miss!

Even Hyoyeon have some weird dance moves that makes us laugh and love her even more!

And who is her coach? You will be shocked who trains her :P , because she can't dance her self that Fany!

[UPDATED] Our Sexica is back! Jessica featured on Ceci!

ADDED MORE PHOTOS OF SICA in other concepts
ADDED SCAN of Sica below the second cover :)
Yes you heard that right! Our Jessica who has been away a lot lately doing photoshoot for magazine covers is back with a new concept for the 17th anniversary cover for Korean magazine "Ceci". The concept as I see it is very matured and sexy style... Check out the magazine cover scans below, thanks to

"A beautiful yet heart wrenching picture of Jessica from Ceci magazine" Quote from @Soshified

Monday, 19 September 2011

SNSD YoonA featured in "InStyle" magazine!

Earlier today I found YoonA's band mates featured on Cosmopolitan (Jessica and Tiffany) Well guess what YoonAddicts?! YoonA too shows her modeling skill in a warm Garden atmosphere concept in the Korean magazine of "InStyle". If you know Korean you should read the article here ! Stay tuned for more updates! In the mean time why not glare at these beautiful pictures!

[UPDATED] SNSD JeYulTi featured on October's magazine of "Cosmopolitan"

Just some photos to spazz over that I have recently found on the internet! You see Sica, Yuri and Fany has a very matured style in the pictures! Sarangayo JeYulTi! Please do stay tuned for more updates! Credits!/WeLoveStephanie

Saturday, 17 September 2011

SNSD helps ill foreign fans, and perform on KBS "Love Request"

SM Entertainment label mates SNSD and Super Junior shared some love with their international fans through KBS‘s ‘Love Request‘.

The show aired earlier today on September 17th and these groups took the time out of their busy schedule to help two children from Cambodia and Indonesia, who both flew to Korea to receive treatment.

SNSD visited an 11-year-old Cambodian girl, Suraili, who has a heart condition, while the boys of Super Junior visited a young Indonesian boy named Nurulee, who lost his eyesight suddenly at the age of 9.

In addition, the idol groups were both on site in the KBS studio actively participating in the live telethon blood drive campaign.

Vita500 releases new Android App featuring SNSD!

Awesome news if you have an android phone!
This week Kwangdong Pharmacy released a new app for Android phones that features Girls’ Generation.  The app contains individual pictures of the members as well as individual videos of each member singing and dancing to a cute new “Vitamin Song”.  All of the individual videos have been attached below, and you can view the pictures of each member here.

YoonA's new CF for "Eider" with actor Lee Minho!

SNSD‘s YoonA and actor Lee Min Ho have finally revealed their CF for outdoors apparel brand, ‘Eider‘.
The pair travelled to the States to shoot this CF, which sees them scaling an impressive rock wall. YoonA stuns with her natural beauty, while Minho showed off his athleticism in the shoot. Both stars delivered a great CF that’s sure to inspire their fans to go outdoors more.

Check it out below!

SNSD to be guest on today's episode of KBS "Big Brothers"!

Novelist Hwang Sukyoung, singer Cho Youngnam, actor Song Seunghwan, and Kim Yongman met Girls’ Generation.
KBS’s “Big Brothers”, which is scheduled to have it’s first broadcast on September 21st, had Hwang Sukyoung, Cho Youngnam, Song Seunghwan, and Kim Yongman as the MCs, with Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Seohyun, Tiffany, and Yuri as the guests. The PD of “Big Brothers”, Go Sejun, told “10 Asiae” through a phone call, “Rather than the group Girls’ Generation, we focused on Taeyeon, Seohyun, Tiffany, and Yuri’s own individual images.”
“Big Brothers” asked questions that aren’t normally asked on typical talk shows. It was informed that Girls’ Generation members wore name tags with their real names written on them, as if they were going to an audition. They answered questions such as, “Work and love, which comes first?”

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

SNSD’s Hyoyeon reveals cute mistakes with her speech!

On September 12th, SNSD‘s Hyoyeon guested on SBS‘s Chuseok special of ‘Dalgona‘ and proved herself to be the female version of veteran singer Kim Heung Guk, a celebrity known for his hilarious speech mistakes.

Hyoyeon’s close hometown friend Park Ki Joon made an appearance, surprising everyone with a confession on the many instances where Hyoyeon made some mistakes in her speech.

He began, “Hyoyeon makes a lot of hilarious mistakes.  She was into the character ‘Goo Jun Pyo’ from the drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ when it was airing.  We were watching it together one day and she looked at me with an expression of love and said, ‘Don’t you think Goo Jun Yup is so amazing?’”

Her mistakes didn’t end just there, though, as he had saved the best for last.  “One day, Hyoyeon was trying to ask me to go skiing with her.  Because she was so excited, instead of ‘ski’, she ended up saying, ‘Let’s go to the kiss resort!”

Sunday, 11 September 2011

SNSD alongside with Super Junior to help ill foreign fans!

SM Entertainment labelmates SNSD and Super Junior will be sharing their love with their international fans through KBS‘s ‘Love Request‘.
A producer of the show revealed, “Hallyu stars SNSD and Super Junior will be working to treat and heal international fans in poor health. Both groups will be joining the first recording, which will take place on September 17th.”

He continued, “Both groups are highly popular overseas and they’ll be listening to the sad stories sent in from their fans; they’ll then choose some fans to bring to Korea for proper treatment. They’re taking time off from their busy schedule in hopes of helping their fans in any way they can. We hope that their warm hearts will move the hearts of not only their fans, but viewers of the show as well.”

Their episode of ‘Love Request’ will broadcast on September 24th.

Source + Photos: Everyday Economy via Naver and AllKpop

Saturday, 10 September 2011

SooYoung gives message to SONE's! She is OK!

[Updated with English subbed video by SoShi Subs]
Since being involved in a car accident on August 28th, Sooyoung has been receiving love from fans all over the world.  Many fans have been sending video messages, and one Korean fan site even made a message book filled with handwritten messages from SONE.
To reassure fans and say thank you, Sooyoung edited a video by herself and shared it online today.  The video starts with a doll of the character Woody from the movie “Toy Story” and you can hear Sooyoung’s voice in the background cutely acting with the doll saying, “Hello to everyone who loves Girls’ Generation, this is Woody. So you were worried about my friend Sooyoung?  She kinda looked sick, but after getting all the love from you guys she’s fine now.  Sooyoung asked me to send you guys a video.  So, wait why is my voice so girly now?  Now SONE, let’s watch the video!”
The emotional ballad “Complete” starts playing in the background, and pictures saying that Sooyoung is OK in various languages along with pictures of some of the messages she received are shown.  Sooyoung thanks everyone for the love she received since her accident and apologizes to fans in Taiwan for not being able to perform for them.
The video ends with a message in Korean that says “SONE…Wait for me without crying, ok? ^^ heehee” and a picture of Sooyoung holding a handwritten sign that says “SONE Makes My Life Complete”.  Sooyoung shows how much she cares about SONE and how much SONE care for her.  It is a truly special moment, as that bond is felt deeply in the video.  We all hope for a quick recovery for Sooyoung.

Original video (unsubbed)
I was truly touched by this video! I am so happy that she recovered so fast! Love you my angel SooYoung! SooYoung HWAITING!

Friday, 2 September 2011

SNSD heads off to Japan for SMTown Tokyo!

Earlier today, it was announced that pictures and videos from the SMTOWN Live in Tokyo Dome would be uploaded through SMTOWN's Facebook page, but it looks like they have already started! Pictures from the airport were uploaded one after the other, and you can view them below. Remember to check back to SMTOWN's Facebook page ( as well as Girls' Generation's Facebook page ( for live updates.

Take a look at the pictures below: