Saturday, 30 April 2011

Korean Soldiers All Time Favorite Choreography Is SNSD's "Genie" !

SNSD Genie Live In 2009
This is the Japanese Version Of Genie In Late 2010

Which idol dance choreography do army soldiers like watching the most?
During a recent broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay”, reporters revealed results of a survey for “Girl group dances liked by army soldiers”, for which approximately 100 students who had returned from their military enlistment took part in.
First place went to SNSD and their popular “Leg Swift Dance” dance from their hit track, “Genie“. The dance move received immense popularity as it was easy to follow, and also showed off the members’ sexy legs perfectly.
This Is the Korean Genie in 3D Version in Early 2010
First Ever MV for the Genie in Korean Version in Late 2009
Watch The Music Video Here!

Genie The Korean 3D Version
Genie The Korean Version In 2009
Genie The Japanese Version 2010

SNSD's Genie the Japanese Version has been nominated thrice at MTV Japan!

First Congratulation to Girls' Generation for being nominated in 3 categories!
Best Group Video, Best Video Of The Year and Best Karaoke Song!

The VMAJ will be held at Makuhari Messe convention center on the 25th of June, Maybe the girls will attend, nothing is yet officially announced about SNSD performing there. 

Friday, 29 April 2011

SNSDFansUK reaches over 100,000 video views!

Thank you Thank you to all the viewers who has been watching our collection of non stop videos of Girls' Generation!

Today i reached 100,000 video views on YouTube account "SNSDFansUK" ! And on top of that I have reached 100 subscribers! I have regained confidence now in YouTube since I started my other YouTube accounts! So as a thank you I will be making vlogs called "It's SNSD Time!"

 Thanks again and keep stay tuned :)

Please watch this video as I am trying to get as many viewers as possible on Mr. Taxi by Girls' Generation!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

SNSD Official Mr. Taxi Dance version Video has reached over a million views!

In just less than 48 hrs Girls Generation has reached over 1,300,000 views!

Watch it below

SNSD Japanese concert tour attracts more than 300,000 fans!

There are already early signs of the success of Girls' Generation's Japan concert tour.

The group's first arena concert tour in Japan is gaining much attention for attracting close to 300,000 applicants for tickets. After such heated response, SM Entertainment decided to include 3 more additional concerts, so a schedule for 10 performances in 6 cities was confirmed.

Starting May 31st and ending on July 17th, the concert arena tour venues will include Tokyo, Osaka, Saitama, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Hiroshima. The Girls' Generation craze in Japan is expected to continue, with a total of 100,000 people estimated to attend the tour.

Girls' Generation held their first solo concert in Seoul and Shanghai last year, showing off their live performances as well as showcasing the attractive members and their colorful stages. Their influence that is fast spreading throughout Asia and beyond confirms the positive reactions from fans. There is much anticipation for the group's first arena tour in Japan, and there are high expectations from fans now more than ever. 

On April 27th, Girls' Generation released their Japanese single, 'MR. TAXI', which peaked 1st at Japan's biggest mobile ringtone download chart, Rekochoku. 

Koreans decade song Nr. 1 is SNSD's "Gee"!

In the 2000's, the Korean music industry has replaced the ballad genre that was so dominating since the 1980's with idol groups who focus on dance music. Girl groups like Wonder Girls, Kara, 2ne1 and boy groups like Big Bang and 2PM have all become the strongest influences in the mainstream music industry. In the end, the song of the decade of the 2000's was 'Gee' by Girls' Generation.

The accomplishment of being named song of the decade is made even more impressive by the fact that 'Gee' was released at the end of the decade in 2009. With a record-setting nine consecutive wins on Music Bank, 'Gee' left an impressive impact that solidified Girls' Generation's status as the dominating force in the Korean music industry.

Click to watch an all time SNSD top song!

SNSD releases the original Mr. Taxi PV! UPDATED WITH HD VERSION!

Just a few days ago SNSD released the dance version of Mr. Taxi on their official Japanese website. Today the original Mr. Taxi PV (Non Dance Version) was aired on the Japanese channel "Space Shower Plus" some where between 23:30 - 00:30 JST (UK time 3:30 - 4:30 PM).


The video was very powerful and catchy and made us fall in love with Yuri's blonde hair, Sooyoung's more parts than ever, Hyoyeon best hairstyle in 2011, The Taeny Pair saying "Goodbye", Sunny's sexy legs, Jessica's hair hat, Seohyun splendid cute yet sexy expressions and surprisingly Yoona's less parts! But she was very beautiful in the video <3

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

SNSD released the Dance Version For Run Devil Run!

Just a few hours after Mr. Taxi Dance version was released, fans have been posting Run Devil Run Dance version video sites!

Currently we are updating a new HD version for You... Please come back later to check. In the mean time watch our other SNSD videos at

UPDATE: We have tried to find a HD video for run devil run  dance version, but even though there is videos for Run Devil Run Dance Version HD it is still not clear as HD

SNSD releases Mr. Taxi Dance Version PV!

Released at UK time : 3:27 AM 26th of April 2011!

Watch the new Music Video!

This is the Mirrored HD version for learning the correct dance side!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

SNSD perform "Hoot" on SBS Inkigayo AND New Mr. Taxi Teaser including the Intoduction!

The 9 Lovely Ladies returned on SBS Inkigayo Jeju Special today and performed their late 2010 hit "Hoot" which was an outstanding performance, despite the tight schedules they had this week!

And top of that a Japanese television channel Broad casted "Mr. Taxi" 70 secs, which only is from the PV! From the beginning to the end of the 70 secs (Including the never before seen Intro!) is from the PV full! No other irrelevant videos!

Watch the 70 secs "Mr. Taxi" preview and "Hoot"s Live performance in one video below!

Mnet Ranks Yuri From SNSD as the 8th idol with best body!

Our Black pearl Yuri has been recently been rated the 8th most best idol with a perfect body!

Congrats Yuri!

Here is the show only mentioning Yuri :)

Phew Yuri is very sexy!

The JPOP Awards - Sexiest female singer - Yoona!!!

Congrats to our flower petal YoonA for winning the sexiest female singer at the JPOP Awards 2011!

A special pic just for you :)

The Japanese public sure is right!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

SNSD held a fan meeting in Beijing Samsung, China!

The 9 Soshis' attended the fan meeting in Samsung, Beijing.

The girls performed "Hoot", "Oh" and "Gee", and our black pearl Yuri did a Mr. Taxi dance move while they were dancing "Oh"! The other girls were surprised, so they did not intend to do it officially I suppose, but they were happy about it :)

Click the video below, to watch the full performance of "Oh" and "Gee" and how Yuri did the Mr. Taxi dance!

Skip to 2:27 to watch Yuri's dance (Yuri is on the extreme left)

Here are some top pictures of the event :)

Girls' Generation Is to release a full Japanese album!

The news are that the girls would be making their first ever full album in Japan! It will be released on the 1st of June 2011!

This is the rumored contents (So it is not 100% official) :

The Deluxe First Press Edition, priced at ¥8,400 (approximately $100 USD), contains the album, a DVD with the regular and dance versions of the 'MR. TAXI' music video, a special bag with the Girls' Generation logo on it, and a 40 page photo booklet.

Deluxe First Press Edition - ¥8,400
- CD ('Genie', 'Gee', 'Run Devil Run', 'MR. TAXI', 12 songs total)

1. 'MR. TAXI' MV
2. 'MR. TAXI' Dance Ver. MV

- Special bag with Girls' Generation logo

- 40 page photo booklet (Collector alert! - Different from Limited Period Edition photo booklet)

The middle option for purchase is the Limited Period Edition, which costs ¥3,990 (approximately $50 USD). This edition will contain the album itself, a DVD with the regular 'MR. TAXI' music video, a deluxe sleeve case, and a 32 page photo booklet which is different from the Deluxe First Press Edition photo booklet.

Limited Period Edition - ¥3,990
- CD ('Genie', 'Gee', 'Run Devil Run', 'MR. TAXI', 12 songs total)

1. 'MR. TAXI' MV

- Deluxe sleeve case

- 32 page photo booklet (Collector alert! - Different from Deluxe First Press Edition photo booklet)

The final edition that fans can purchase is the Regular Edition, which will cost ¥3,000 (approximately $36 USD). The Regular Edition contains only the album itself.

Regular Edition - ¥3,000

- CD ('Genie', 'Gee', 'Run Devil Run', 'MR. TAXI', 12 songs total)

Please bear in mind that all of this information is not yet 100% official, and we will keep you updated as Nayutawave Records officially announces information regarding this album. Let us know what editions you're buying and how you excited you are to see the girls release a full Japanese album! Leave us a comment below!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Look! It's The Felix Cat Generation!

News: Girls Generation are now signed on contract for "Felix the cat" line clothing, which is a part of "Spao" collection of fashion!

All nine girls are wearing the cute animated cat "Felix" in 9 different designs! I so wish that I lived in Korea to get hang of those!

Very cute !!!!

Watch the video below for visual of their new Advert!

Mr. Taxi Video Preview has been released!!!

OMG I am so exicited! and I am sure you are too :D

Subscribe to to be the first one to watch the full PV when it has been released.

In my experience of SNSD videos from Japan I predict that the full video might be released within 2 days!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

SNSDFansUK has reached over 27,000 video views!!!

On our YouTube channel we reached over 27,000 views on all of our videos together!

Here are the top 5 (excluding Mini News Videos) videos on our channel!

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Yuri and Sooyoung Attend Tory Burch Anniversary Party

Girls' Generation's Yuri and Sooyoung were two of the many celebrities who attended the Tory Burch 1st Anniversary Party. It was held on April 21st (6PM KST) at Kangnam, Seoul at the Tory Burch flagship store. 

Tory Burch is one of America's best fashion designers and a fashionista. She has introduced a variety of products ranging from apparel, handbags, shoes to accessories for women of all ages in the country. 

Dressed in simple yet chic outfits, Yuri and Sooyoung shone as they posed for photographers.

Click HERE to view other photos of the event on Soshified!

Note: You must have and account on Soshified to view! 

Which SNSD members sold out their "Marie Clarie" Magazine?

Well to spread out the news...

Seohyun, YoonA, Jessica, Tiffany and Taeyeon, sold out their special covers! No more left as it's a limited edition and they were sold out in just a day!!!!


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

SNSD on "Marie Clarie" Special!

All nine Angels have been been featured on "Marie Clare" Magazine Korean Edition!

It's a special edition where all the members have their own special cover for the magazine, and I got the cover right down below! Check it out!

Below the covers there is pictures of the girls inside the magazine! Double Sone give away!
Sooyoung Grows her hair back and looks Gorgeous as ever! 

Yuri poses simply and turn her head : Reaction= I fall down off the chair simply because of her outshining beauty!

I must admit, Hyoyeon looks really really extraordinary than usual! She looks soo pretty! 

Ahhh! Don't kill me with your "Eye Smile" Fany!

Sunny is serious guys not in aegyo ! She is sexy!

A natural pose and that what all it takes to make Sica so irresistible!

Taeyeon even looks sexy for a dorky leader!
Seohyun is innocent as usual yet she is very addictive to look at :D

You don't have to say about Yoona! She is beautiful as all ways!

Here are the exclusive pics of the girls inside the magazine!

The Girls all wearing same clothes except from Tiffany... hmm... I wonder why?

Same pic as above to get closer look on Sunny, Hyoyeon, Seohyun and Yoona
It says it all "Don't mess with me"... OK Yoona I won't! Ha Ha

The bodyguards are always ready to catch Hyo from her flying dance moves XD

OK boys! listen The Ice Princess or she will freeze you with her ice powers

Same picture as above but a closer look to
Tiffany, Sooyoung, Yuri, Hyoyeon, and bit of Seohyun
Sica and Taeng