Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunny and Yoona in "Running Man" Episode (at SBS)

Girls' Generation's Sunny and Yoona were guests in the latest episode of SBS's Running Man. The two girls successfully completed their mission in which they had to "eliminate" the cast by stamping their name tags. To avoid being spotted, the girls were clad in casual clothing and wore caps to disguise themselves. 

Sunny, in particular, caught the attention of netizens when she pretended to look in the mirror as she monitored the movements of the cast. Her reflection was the focus of viewers, with netizens commenting, "her dazzling beauty even when dressed in street clothes" and "She's just like a goddess". 

After the mission, Song Joongki pointed at Sunny and said "Even when i approached you, you didn't run away and grabbed me", in which Sunny replied "because I'm your fan." Song Jihyo later mentioned that "Song Joongki is caring about his image today", pointing out that he was being relatively quiet. When Sunny said "I like those who are enthusiastic", Song Joongki quickly turned back to being active, causing much laughter.

After naturally picking Song Joongki to be part of her team, she showed off her cuteness by doing her trademark 3-set aegyo. 

Here is a picture of HaHa and Yoona, posted on his twitter account. They are showing a peace sign, and he commented "Yoona and I are already guardian angels of each other! I'm X oppa.". Something special about huh, Oppa? <3

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