Monday, 18 July 2011

SNSD perform on Hey Hey Hey Genie and BAD GIRL LIVE!

With sexy Japanese tour outfits that was in white originally, they wear the same outfit in white, performing after wrapping up their 1st Japanese Tour, with GENIE and BAD GIRL!
Even though they performed straight after their last concert in their tour, the girls still looked fab and full of stamina + energetic!

Check out their full performance below before it gets removed!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

SNSD grows stronger in Japanese music Industry!

The popularity of South Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation continues to soar undauntedly in Japan. 

According to a Japanese music site, CDV-NET, Girls’ Generation’s “MR.TAXI/Run Devil Run” single came in 7th on the weekly charts and was the only South Korean group which made the top 10. Ever since their label mate, TVXQ, made the entry into the top 10, there has not been any other South Korean artist on the list. The data was collected from the 4th of July to the 10th, and even though both singles were roughly released 3 months ago on the 27th of April, they remain just as popular as ever. 

Girls’ Generation’s Japanese debut single, “Genie” is also still on the charts after a good 9 months, and is currently at the 35th position. Ever since the release of the single on 20th October 2010, “Gee” has remained on the top 100 weekly charts for 38 consecutive weeks, further proving their takeover in Japan. This week, the certified Gold single was placed 25th on the chart. As there are more than 3,500 artists on CDV-NET, the popularity of an artist can be easily judged based on the ranking of their albums and singles. 

Ever since Girls’ Generation first announced their plans to break into the Japanese music industry back in September, their album sales have increased in folds. Their debut single, “Genie”, was awarded the Gold certificate for selling more than 100,000 copies. Less than a year later, Girls’ Generation’s self-titled first Japanese album sold more than 100,000 copies in less than 2 days, and has since been certified as Double-Platinum for selling more than 500,000 albums. 

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation will be starting off their 2nd tour on the 23rd of July at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium, 5 days after wrapping up their Japan Arena Tour. Following that, they will also be making an appearance as the first South Korean female artist to attend Japan’s “Summer Sonic 2011” on the 14th of August. 

SNSD Taeyeon shares self camera Photos!

On July 17th, SNSD’s Taeyeon shared an adorable photo set was shared an online community board!
Captioned “Taengoo’s new sel-ca”, the post became an instant hit with netizens thanks to Taeyeon’s series of playfual facial expressions. Looking sweet in one frame and bewildered in another, she captured the hearts of us sones with a special sel-ca treat.
What something is more that she poses soooo CUTE and yet dorky, it makes my heart melt! And I am sure it does for you too!
Netizens commented, “You’re adorable!”, “She matches light make-up like this”, and “What a cutie pie.”
SNSD is currently looking forward to their second Korean concert on July 23rd and 24th.
Source + Photos: Star News via Nate

SNSD Tiffany Japanese Tour Phamphlet Photos Gains Attention!

OMG! OMG! What did I just say in my previous post of the Japanese Tour Pamphlet? We just can't get enough, and so can't Fany fans!

Yup it has been gaining a lot of attention, and who can blame you if you are one them, because my self is even one of them.

First is our Taeng and now Tiffany has recently been a hot topic on the net.
This time she charms us without even her trademark eye-smiles! She has sexy swizzy hair to the left blowing, showing of her beauty snow skin and black hair (Yup she is the Korean snow white!) with a mature look and stylish sexy outfit that is just right...
Oh please Fany stop looking me at that, it just makes me jealous that she is such a beauty! 

Seohyun reveals her Paris Journey through her Diary!

In view of Girls’ Generation’s youngest member’s 21st birthday, Korean SONEs gave their sincere congratulations by posting birthday advertisements for Seohyun in the daily newspaper. As one of South Korea’s top idol groups, the 9-membered phenomenon has slowly started to make an impression worldwide, and not in pop culture alone. Of the 9 members, Seohyun is the youngest. However, despite her age, her exceptional writing skills and brilliance are widely recognized by the SM family and by overseas fans. 

Back in June, Girls’ Generation went to Paris, France together with their SM Entertainment label mates for the much anticipated SMTOWN LIVE in PARIS. Throughout the duration of their stay, Seohyun kept a diary in which she recorded her journey and feelings while she was in Paris. The journal, titled “Dream-like Life in Paris”, was revealed on the 13th through Issue Daily under the title of “Seohyun’s Paris Diary”. Seohyun stated calmly that she would record her first Paris trip fully, complete with the heart fluttering feelings of a person in her early 20s. 

Starting first at the famous landmarks of Paris, Seohyun spent the next day in local areas where the Hallyu wave was crashing through. Seohyun experienced and saw the true attractions of Paris during the rest of her trip, and also at the SMTOWN LIVE in PARIS during which she saw firsthand the extent of the Hallyu Wave in France. Photos which were taken by Seohyun herself have also been provided by her from her camera. 

Posts in order- 
1. The Europe I dreamed of, the first in Paris, France.
2. Become a Parisian today! The world is wide and overflowing with things you don't know.
3. This is Paris, France, and we are Korean singers, Girls’ Generation.

1. The Europe I dreamed of, the first in Paris, France.

Oh my goodness. Scenes which I’ve only ever dreamed of were unraveling before my two eyes. I saw the beauty of the Seine River which I’ve only seen in movies, watched the leisurely and free Parisians milling about, and smelled the sweet scent of chocolates and macaroons. We were given an off day today before the SMTOWN LIVE in PARIS performance, and while I was pondering in my happy dilemma of where I should go first, my interpreter unnie spoke to me.

“Where would you go if you ever came to Paris?” She asked.

I replied without hesitation, “The Eiffel Tower! And then I want to go to the Château de Versailles, and the Notre Dame de Paris, The Sacré-Cœur Basilica, the Arc de Triomphe, the Musée du Louvre, and the Paris Opera!”

Whew~! I was overflowing with places I wanted to go to.

After hearing the places which I wanted to see, unnie responded, “I’ll tell the driver where you want to go. Paris is even smaller than Seoul, so most probably we’ll be able to visit a lot of them.”

I was truly delighted and grateful, and I felt incredibly happy

First, we started out by going to the Arc de Triomphe which was at the western end of the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. They said that it was constructed in remembrance of the soldiers who fought and died in the Napoleonic Wars, as well as the French Revolutionary. Be it from afar or up close, the Arc de Triomphe looked so beautiful when I saw it that I almost couldn’t believe it. Being able to see Arc de Triomphe in real life is unbelievable when I’ve only ever seen it in history books.

With an elated heart, the next place I visited was the Château de Versailles! It was a place which I’ve held of a fantasy of since childhood, and it was a place which I definitely wanted to visit one day. The Versailles, which contains memories of the famous Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette! The wide and endless sight of the Château juxtaposed with the blue skies was so blissful. Even though I was saddened to hear that the Château was too large for me to completely explore, just the fact that I’ve visited the Château de Versailles which I’ve always dreamed off makes me happy.

The next thing to see was the Eiffel Tower! I’ve anticipated it for so long! It was built for the Exposition Universelle, a World’s Fair back in the 1880s. However, many Parisians were said to have thought that the tower was an eyesore and that it looked insightful. It’s truly fascinating how it eventually became the iconic landmark of Paris, and even France.

I viewed the Eiffel Tower from the Palais de Chaillot, and it was simply wondrous and beautiful. No words would be able to explain the beauty. Also, because I vowed to take a picture of the Eiffel Tower which would come at as beautiful as possible, I remember having to spend a long time taking the pictures until it came out pretty. Oh yes! You can’t forget the Notre Dame de Paris! Be it the interior of the cathedral or the exterior walls, the artfully crafted and designed details were simply jaw opening.

Ah, the Parisian sun only sets after 10! I think it’s a country with quite a long day~. However, it’s because of the long days that I could go to all these places and experience them. And so, this happy day which I spent experiencing the culture of Paris drew to a close…

SNSD also becomes fashion idols in Japan!

Apparently the public of Japan has been lately interested in SNSD fashioning style, and recently their airport departure in Japan, has been a hot fashion topic!

The reason could be because that the girls has recently sold over 500,000 copies of their first Japan album, increasing in popularity, and definitely the curiosity of the girls have also been increased , not just Japan but also world wide!
Also Girls' Generation's airport fashion has been gaining attention is because it is natural yet stylish. Japanese women in their twenties are already copying Girls' Generation's fashion.

Girls' Generation's airport fashion has an urban and chic style, balanced with a cute and cheerful style, showing various outfits.

Taeyeon's loose-fitting blouse and denim sneakers showed a comfortable style. Seohyun also wore denim, but she had a more casual, mature look by wearing a long cardigan and chain bag.

Tiffany showed off a chic look with this summer's trend, an ankle-long maxi dress, while Yoona had a more formal look wearing a white jacket matched with a black undershirt and sunglasses, making her look thoughtful.

When an Mnet crew member who interviewed Japanese on Girls' Generation's popularity, they answered, "Girls' Generation's growing popularity has been influencing Japan's fan culture to change. Their popularity hasn't ended with just their songs, but it has also become an influence on fashion and makeup techniques."

SNSD's Japan Tour Pictures gains attention in the Internet World!

Oh My! You know the photos for the Japanese tour pamphlet pics, are soo pretty and when ever new pics come up even though with same clothing and style, they just gain even more and more attention!

Recently, an online community site had a post titled "Girls' Generation Japan Arena Concert Tour Pamphlet", containing photos of the nine members.

The photos have been probably gaining attention because the 9 sexy ladies have took of their innocent cute image and posed very in a very sexy and charismatic way. No wonder why, as you can in the pictures, e.g. like Taeyeon have put away her innocent doll like look. Instead she is showing of a sexy matured look which was recently a hot topic!
Netizens who came across the photos commented, "Their expressions and angles are like works of art", "Girls' Generation has taken off innocence and put on sexiness", and "We asked for a pamphlet and got a photoshoot instead".

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Seohyun chosen as the most "Like-able" face!

Recently, an online poll was created with the question "Which girl group member is the most likable and has the best facial proportions?" Girls' Generation Seohyun emerged in first place with 51.9%. She received an overwhelming number of votes with 120 out of the total 231. 

The head of Lux Plastic Surgery, Kang Minjun explained that "Seohyun's forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and the rest of her face have natural and ideal facial proportions. This gives off a comfortable and likable image to the public eye."

Girls' Generation's generally well-received image is also one of the reasons that they were chosen to be the models for acclaimed company, Intel. A representative further commented that an image of friendliness is important in order to lead a brand since it is one of the factors that will attract the attention of the public.

Meanwhile, 2NE1's Sandara Park came in second with 45 votes, while fellow labelmate f(x)'s Sulli came in third with 42 votes.

Source: Asia Today
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A Closer Look at SNSD in Japan Through Mnet's 'BOOM the K-POP'!

OK Soshi lovers from all over the world get ready to be blown away! Because Mnet "BOOM the K-POP" will be broadcasting a closer look of the 9 ladies dramatic success in Japan! Yeah thats right we get to see more of "Lets' Go Soshi Lets Go, CLAP CLAP, Lets' Go Soshi Lets Go, CLAP CLAP!"

Apparently a crew was following our 9 lovely ladies in their Japanese Tour, in cities such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Harajuku, but mainly at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo!

What else the crew explained that Korea and Japan differs in ways how they show love and support for Shoujo Jidai! I wonder how they would explain the love and support in other countries such as UK, US, or Malaysia?

Any way they also mentioned that the girls where loved by females aged 10-30! That is sooo epic as Korea it is mostly men who love them right? AMAZING^^

This special feature will be divided into two parts. The first part is "Do you know Girls' Generation?" and will highlight Girls' Generation's popularity in Japan, as well as why the Japanese fans are very passionate about this girl group. The second part, which will be broadcasted on July 21, is called "Right now it's Girls' Generation!" and will feature the changes in the Japanese fans' lifestyles due to the effect of Girls' Generation. The first part will be broadcasted on July 14 at 7:30 p.m.#

What else to spoil is these trailers that was released on YouTube!


SNSD reveals making of CF for the 7-11 campaign!

Recently there was speculation SNSD promoting in Japan via 7-11, a Japanese campaign. Well they have made a CF, for those who missed watch here

Ok if you already watched the CF, check out the making of the making of video then :D

Monday, 11 July 2011

SNSD W Korea - BTS & B cuts PICTURES

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Tops Tower Records' Bestseller Charts!

The largest record store in Japan, Tower Records, has just released the first half of its "Bestseller 2011" charts.

Topping the album category is Girls' Generation self-titled album, "Girls' Generation".

1. Girls' Generation – Girls' Generation
2. Girls' Talk – KARA
3. Big Bang 2 – Big Bang
4. GD & TOP Vol. 1 – GD & TOP
5. Five Treasure Island – FT Island

In the singles category, Girls' Generation is ranked 4th with "MR. TAXI/Run Devil Run".

1. Replay: You Are My Everything – SHINee
2. Jet Coaster Love – KARA
3. Let Me Cry – Jang Geunsuk
4. MR. TAXI/Run Devil Run – Girls' Generation
5. Take Off – 2PM

Source: Nate
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"Behind the music: What is K-Pop and why are the Swedish getting involved?

South Korea's music industry is thriving – and Sweden's biggest hitmakers are keen to learn the tricks of their trade" - Guardian

Guardian the 2nd top news paper has been covering the K-POP fever in the UK, mentioning our lovely nine ladies too! I am so gob smacked that SNSD is being recognized in the whole wide world... So what do we say? Will SNSD maybe debut in UK or US? Read the article here!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Mnet BOOM THE K-POP trailer featuring SNSD!

Coming soon on Thursday July 14th 7:30PM @Mnet (Korean Time)
OMG Even if I don't understand them, they are all sooo cute!
Keep watch here at GGUK, for more updates!

Tiffany Photoshoot Images For Japan 7-11 CF Released Online!

As a sequelae to the recent Japan 7-11 CF featuring our 9 ladies, some further BTS images have emerged…
This time it’s some photo images of Tiffany during the photoshoot for the promotional 7-11 CF . She looks really cute in the photos and her eye-smiles are at their devastating best here ;) .
At the moment, no other SNSD members’ BTS photo images have been posted on-line yet, so enjoy these images first.

sources: DC ll, soshitv

Friday, 8 July 2011

SNSD sells over 500,000 copies of Japanese 1st Album!

Girls' Generation's successful breakthrough into Japan has culminated in another milestone: their debut Japanese album "Girls' Generation" has been certified double platinum by the RIAJ. The RIAJ, or Recording Industry Association of Japan, recognizes 250,000 copies sold as platinum certification. With the double platinum certification, the "Girls' Generation" album has officially sold over 500,000 copies in just over a month after its June 1 release.

This is the latest indication of the overwhelming success that Girls' Generation has achieved in Japan. On July 6, Tower Records announced that Girls' Generation topped their June chart with their debut album. Last month, Oricon revealed that Girls' Generation had the highest earnings by a foreign artist in Japan for the first half of 2011, as they recorded 2.6 billion yen in total sales.

The strong push into the Japanese market for the first seven months of 2011 will continue with the final performance of the Japan Arena Concert Tour, which will take place in Fukuoka on July 17.

Source: RIAJ
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What else BIG news is that I got my copy too! So I will soon share it with you on YouTube!
Please buy your copy if you still haven't!
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International Fan Forum Soshified is the most searched on twitter!

Soshified's official Twitter account reached the number 73 ranking for "most searched Twitter accounts" in Korea, according to The list ranks the popularity of various Twitter accounts in Korea, and includes popular Korean celebrities such as Super Junior's Heechul as well as official accounts for companies such as KBS World TV.

This is not the first time that Soshified has garnered attention from around the world. In April, Soshified's efforts to raise relief money to help the victims of the Japan earthquake were highlighted on MSN Singapore. Last month, the upcoming Soshified Field Trip was also mentioned in a Korean news article.

Finally, clips from Soshified's 3rd Anniversary "SONEs Around the World" video (which can be viewed here) were shown on the June 25 episode of E!TV Star Q-10, which documented Girls' Generation's popularity around the globe.

Thanks to MoonSoshi9 for the news tip!

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Just for you information, SNSD reveals NEW MV for Echo + Run Devil Run 3D

In case you didn't know SNSD Echo MV and Run Devil Run 3D MV has been released just a week ago!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


We previously reported that SM Entertainment would release a special DVD, All About Girls’ Generation “Paradise in Phuket” and included in this package was the music video for “ECHO.”

Additionally, we also mentioned that the individual solo MV’s for ‘Hoot‘ would also be included in this package and the solo MV’s have finally made their way online.

Check out the solo MV’s below, which one is your favorite?

Jessica Vita500 Promotional Video!

In a new promotional video for Vita500, Jessica talks about the heat of summer. She says that her way of relaxing indoors is to turn the music on really loud and sing along. To demonstrate, she sings a short section of "Naengmyun". At the end, she asks fans to recommend songs that they would enjoy singing while staying indoors to beat the summer heat. Check out the video below.

Daum Updates With New Girls' Generation (SNSD) Themes!

It was revealed on the July 5 that after the Daum smartphone application was updated to version 2.7, it has been gaining a great amount of responses from users. Through the recent update, themes with popular girl group Girls' Generation were added, along with other functions.

After the update became available on the June 29, 100,000 people applied Girls' Generation themes within four days. Daum explained that this accounts for 60% of the version 2.7 users.

The iPhone version of the Daum application provides a total of twelve themes, including video themes of the members. Android phones are provided with six Girls' Generation themes, along with twelve regular themes.

Source: Nate
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It's The Global Generation again!

In the latest example of the "Global Generation" effect, a short cut of Girls' Generation's "Gee" music video was shown on an ABC news story which aired in the San Francisco Bay Area. The story discussed the rise of South Korean culture and specifically the Hallyu Wave. The portion of the news piece showing Girls' Generation has been attached below.

The full video of the news story can be found here.

With Taiwanese artists mentioning their friendship with Girls' Generation, two wins at the MTV VMAJ, and the roaring success of both SMTOWN LIVE in PARIS and the Japan arena tour, the reach of the "Global Generation" is continuing to expand.

Thanks to ShannonK@soshified for sending in the news tip!

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SNSD at their managers wedding, picture!

On July 5th, a picture with the title "manager wedding picture appearance by Girls' Generation" was posted in an online community message board.

In the picture the nine members, wearing their pink "Oh!" costumes, posed with the groom and bride, who sat in the center and were dressed in a tuxedo and wedding dress. It was revealed that this picture was posted at a wedding snap picture site (or a candid wedding shots picture site).

Source: Nate
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7-Eleven Japan's Campaign: Girls' Generation & TVXQ Special!

7-Eleven Japan is doing a special campaign on Girls' Generation and TVXQ.

Earlier today, 7-Eleven Japan updated their website with information on their new campaign. Special goods of Girls' Generation and TVXQ will be in 7-Eleven convenience stores starting on July 7. Commercial movies of the campaign will be broadcasted on three shows: Sukkiri, Tokudane, and Mezamashi TV.

To support this event, two separate campaigns will be held. The first starts on July 7, and the second starts on July 9. For the first, you can purchase the related goods and get a PC video, a poster, and a cellphone video. One serial number is worth ¥200 and is equivalent to 2 points. The cellphone videos are worth 1 point, PC videos are worth 2 points, and the poster is worth 3 points. Each group has 3 different kinds of PC videos and 100 posters for 100 eligible winners. Both groups also have 10 kinds of cellphone videos in total. This campaign ends on August 2 at 24:00.

The second campaign is called "7-Eleven Fair". If you spend ¥700, you will earn a lottery ticket. 6 lucky winners will share 6 digital photo frames, 3 of each group. The winning information can be retrieved from the respective 7-Eleven stores. Other participants will have a chance to win 7-Eleven's popular goods. The other prizes include a Nintendo 3DS, T-shirts (only one of them would be signed by the girls), a Sharp Aquios TV, and an A-Nation-for-life ticket.

If you are in Japan, be sure to stop by 7-Eleven and pick up your Girls' Generation snacks!

Source: 7-Eleven Website
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[2011.07.06] Girls' Generation to Perform for '2011 Incheon Korean Wave Concert' and 'K-POP All Star Live in Niigata'

Although Girls' Generation has only 3 more concerts before they wrap up their Arena Tour, their live performance events aren't ending yet. On August 13 and 20, Girls' Generation will perform for "2011 Incheon Korean Wave Concert" and "K-POP All Star Live in Niigata" respectively.

To support the Visit Korea campaign, the "2011 Incheon Korean Wave Concert" will be held on August 13 from 19:00 until 21:30. Other artists such as TVXQ, Super Junior, Big Bang, and 2PM will also participate in the concert. The concert will be held in Incheon Munhak Worldcup Stadium, Korea.

A week after the "2011 Incheon Korean Wave Concert", Girls' Generation will be performing in the Niigata Big Swan Stadium in Japan for the "K-POP All Star Live in Niigata". The price for the pre-sale tickets is ¥9800, and they will be up for purchase starting August 7 at 10:00. Fellow Korean artists that will perform together with the girls are KARA, SISTAR, SECRET, 4minute, CNBLUE, BEAST, Norazo, INFINITE, and 2AM.

It looks like Girls' Generation will continue to be active until the end of the year. Are you excited for the upcoming performances?

Source: Korean Culture, Visit Korea
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