Monday, 30 May 2011

SNSD The Great Escape Audio HQ!

It has been uploaded guys! HQ RADIO RIP of SNSD Great Escape!


Because I have been away for so long I owe you to recap, regarding Girls Generation 1st Japan Album...
First we have the the two teasers
Then there are a Hoot Longer preview made by me, which is about 1:36 mins long! Gotta listen to it!
Interview that would interest you because it is JETI time to rule in english conversation! Poor Taeyeon XD sure she would love to join her wife ^^
And a new CF which was released yesterday!

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SNSD's New Photo Shoot attracts netizens atteniton!

The recently released photograph of Girls' Generation's new retro concept has been making the rounds on the internet. In this picture, the girls showcased a variety of hairstyles and fashions.

Standing in a "V" formation with Jessica in the middle, the girls' long slender legs are easily apparent. The new hairstyles have garnered attention, and Tiffany and Yuri look really different in this new photograph. Netizens have even commented: "How much more can they change?" and "It took me a long time to find Tiffany".

Happy Birthday Im YoonA!

Another birthday video, this time we are celebrating YoonA's Birthday! Spot her Poker Face!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

SNSD will attend and perform at MTV Video Music Aid Japan!!!

As mentioned earlier in my column (SNSD Top News Of The Week + Rumours! #1) SNSD will be performing at VMA Japan to help those victims of the Japanese Earthquake... Our girls are doing every bit too by donating from their Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run single profits to the Japanese Aid.

The girls have been nominated in 3 categories in VMA japan, so they'll be performing on the show at June 25th
But first of all I am very excited that huge artist such as Lady Gaga (yes you read right) will be attending too, so for Tiffany it will be such huge memoir for her! AKB48 the popular girl group in Japan will be attending too, and will be hosting the show, so that will be epic, as they actually love SNSD! Do we see a AKBD9 pairing?

Any way this is going to be really huge as my self is a huge fan of Gaga and AKB48 but SNSD most of all! 

SNSD releases new SPAO pics!

OMG I never get enough of these ladies! They are like freaking dolls I could dress up everyday! Seriously!

My Guess Is Correct: Yoona will be in SHINee's MV "Replay"!

Last week a lot of speculation was around about Yoona being the strange mysterious girl in SHINee's Japanese version of "Replay" preview.
It turns out to be right as it was confirmed today, that Yoona will be in their new Music Video of "Replay".
While she is not seen in any of the behind-the-scenes footage, several scenes of Yoona appear in the preview of the music video, as she is shown reading a book while wearing large black-framed glasses. There is also a screencap of Yoona dressed in a more glamorous fashion with a black ribbon in her.
The screencaps can be found below along with the video from the Japanese TV show. In the video, Yoona appears briefly at the 0:50 mark and then several times after the 4:29 mark.
I have never listened to SHINee before but I'll watching "Replay" just to see our beautiful flower petal in the video :DI know for the fact that Minho from SHINee was featured in SNSD's "Gee" both the Korean and the Japanese version!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

SNSDFansUK the is the nr.1 UK SNSD Fan Site!

Today I was just googling stuff of SNSD, and it came across my mind.... Who is the best fansite in UK?
Well it's my Blog!!! I did not even expect it to come in top 30!
Look at the pics below you'll know what I mean. The only fan site is the facebook site "SNSDUK" that is at the lead in some searches... but does that count as a site when it never have updated news of SNSD?

I did not find any other sites by the way :( That's why I am spreading the Soshi Love for UK Sones <3

SNSD is to hit off their 2nd Asia Tour!

SM Entertainment announced today, "Girls' Generation will have their second solo concert, '2011 GIRLS' GENERATION TOUR', on July 23 and 24 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium."

Girls' Generation is planning on captivating audiences again with their diverse charms, outstanding singing, showy performances, and perfected stages at this concert. Ticket reservations will begin online through Gmarket on June 7 at 8pm.

As Girls' Generation received positive feedback for having a concert that can be enjoyed by fans of all ages, this concert will have a special family section. These tickets, for 3-4 person families, will go on sale on June 7 at 10am on a first-come first-serve basis.

Girls' Generation will be having their first Japan Arena Tour starting on the May 31, as they will visit 6 Japanese cities with 10 concerts and expect to meet a total of 100,000 fans. Following their concerts in Korea, they will continue their Asia tour in Taipei and Nanjing, along with other major Asian cities.

So the secret pics mentioned in my post a few days earlier where for their 2nd Asia Tour 2011! EPIC :D
If only they decided to do a world tour... I'll be the first one in Que in the UK


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

SNSD releases New CF for Lipton (The Japanese Drink)!

So the rumors were true! They released Lipton CF on 24th of May 2011 !

There is two versions of the CF, the first CF is "Lipton extra shot" (aiming young adults) where the girls are wearing beautiful simple white clothings, sipping the drink in a cool and sexy way! EPIC!

The second version reminded me of their "Ha Ha" MV, where the girls where white stockings behind colored screenings for the "Lipton Chilled" drink (aiming young kids) , it is a very cheerful video, sure to make your day!

Watch the video below which includes the making of and both versions of the CF!


[BAD NEWS] SNSDFansUK has been suspended :(

For those of you who know and love my YouTube account : SNSDFansUK, it has been suspended due to multiple third party infringements, all because Japanese shows where uploaded (SNSD performances and interviews).
I risked to upload the Mr. Taxi Live again, because may sones did not have the chance to watch it , when it was released on YouTube...
I was already prepared to open a back up account, so I opened one, but before I knew it my original account had been suspended :(
It reached 420 subscribers and over 500,000 video views, a huge achievement in little as 5 months.

SO I have opened a new account   Please subscribe again <3

Monday, 23 May 2011

NEW [Soshi Vlogs] By Dylan: SNSD NEWS OF THE WEEK!

Missed News of the week? Can't be bothered to scroll through my blog for the missed news? Well Dylan got it all for you here!
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Girls' Generation worry about SONE's too!

Recently many sones around the world has been worried about Girls Generation looking thinner and tired (such as Yuri, in my concern), but today I found out that our nine angels from heaven also worry about us sones around the world!
A Netizen who seem to be in touch with SNSD wrote this on the internet:

The reason I wrote the subject as such is because…
Forums are overflowing with comments of worry about how our nine girls are recently looking more and more tired and thinner. I managed to overhear, by chance, from an insider that the girls are worried about the SONE who are losing sleep over their concern for them. And so I write this so that this might be an opportunity to for us to use our energies in a more positive way.
With an unimaginable number of unpublicised schedules and tour rehearsals, the girls may look much leaner and exhausted, but to address this the girls are eating better and more than usual, as well as taking care of their fitness.
They say that it troubles the girls even more when fans are worried. They keep looking at all the worried messages from fans, and feel frustrated that they have no means of communicating with us except through things like UFO.
I know parents wonder whether their kids are doing well if they go abroad, and feel heartbroken to see them thinner… But they are taking care of themelves so well like this, so that they can show us an even better SNSD.
I hope that we can cheer for them, pray that they stay healthy and finish their Japanese tour without any accidents.
I think that instead of starting topics or writing comments that are worrying about their health, SONE should be writing things like “We believe in you” and be full of energy so that the girls will be able to take strength from us.
They are sorry for how the fans feel, so please don’t show concern but instead, show unrelenting enthusiasm and cheer for them.
PS1) There is a map detailing the locations of their Japanese tour. They say that beside this map hangs another map detailing the best restaurants in those area.
Apparently the girls refused to perform if they couldn’t do a “tour” of these restaurants ^_^
PS2) Please spread this as much as possible so that as many SONE as possible can see this. My only request is that you remember to copy the subject title and the PS notes at the bottom.
Korean tends to be a language where cutting a sentence short can change the meaning drastically. We have all experienced this, right? Especially for the reporters who will probably read this, please do not quote this post in extract form.
I was very happy and very sad that we make our Soshi feel down with worries posted on the net... Apologizes to SNSD (if you are reading this) for making you feel down especially Yuri in one of my recent post, where I expressed my concerns of her new figure... I just want her to be happy, that's all ^_^
From now on we should support and courage them all the way to the top!


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Secret SNSD Pics, possibly for the Japanese Tour!

Some Netizens have revealed some pics of SNSD taking photos secretly... hmmm ... what could it be? Some say it possibly could be for their upcoming Japanese tour in a few weeks time.
The concept seems very new, although as well related to their upcoming album in Japan, where they wear white and are doll like... What could it be? Any way our beautiful nine ladies are busy and will at some point tell us won't they.

SNSD’s kid leader Taeyeon amuses fans with Sooyoung comparison!!

Two pictures of SNSD’s Taeyeon and Sooyoung posing in the same exact manner have been circulating on online community boards.
While kid leader Taeyeon is looking adorable with cute props and her smaller frame, Sooyoung stunned everyone with her longer legs and natural beauty.  Amused, fans jokingly compared the two pictures and remarked over the very different atmospheres the two members were able to portray.
Although taken in the same location and pose, fans thought it was funny to see Sooyoung’s legs stretch out of the frame while Taeyeon barely filled it.  Fans commented, “It’s not that Taeyeon is short, it’s that Sooyoung’s legs are very long!”
Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver

Saturday, 21 May 2011

NEW [COLUMN] SNSD Top News Of The Week + Rumours! #1


1. SNSD is going to release their new Japanese Album at June 1st!
2.SNSD Hit "Gee" has now been certified Double Platinum for both Chaku-Uta Full & Chaku-Uta Short by RIAJ. Combine Total DL- 1,000,000+
3. Girls' Generation will attend Music Bank in Tokyo on 13th July, that means meeting Lady Gaga and AKB48!
4.PHILIPPINES! Girls' Generation's Mr. Taxi MV will premiere on MYX Philippines tomorrow, May 22, Sunday at 7pm
5. Girls Generation will attend Music Bank in Tokyo, Japan!


1. Jessica is learning piano for the Japan Arena tour
2. SNSD filmed new MV on May 19 (If it's true my guess is that is Hoot!)
3. SNSD's Lipton CF will be released on 24th May
4. Key and Taemin will be in SNSD’s Japanese concert teaser.
5. SNSD will comeback in September for the Korean Fans!

SNSD is Nr 1 In "Ranking of Korean groups" debut sales in Japan!

Ranking of Korean groups’ DEBUT SALES in Japan.
This is ranked based on sales in their 1st week of Debut.

01. SNSD “Genie” 44,907
02. MBLAQ “Your Luv” 40,281
03. KARA “Mister” 29,238
04. Beast “Shock” 28,532
05. Big Bang “Heaven” 26,039
06. BoA “ID Peace B” 14,740
07. Supernova “Kimi Dake Wo Zutto” 8,542
08. ZE:A “Love letter/My only wish” 8,273
09. SES “Meguriau Sekai” 7,390
10. Se7en “Hikari” 7,303
11. 4MINUTE “Muzik” 4,241
12. FT Island “One Way” 4,043
13. CN Blue “The Way” 3,353
14. DBSK “Hug” 2,502
15. Cheon Sang Ji Hee (CSJH/ The Grace) “Boomerang” 967

Well Done Girls Generation! This proves they have a very strong reputation in Japan! Keep up the good work!

Source: bestiz + absolutemblaq

SNSD appears on TBS’s Countdown in Japan!

The lovely ladies of SNSD appeared on the recent airing of TBS’s Countdown (CDTV) in Japan! The girls gave a short and sweet speech for all their fans on the show.
Here’s a brief excerpt on their speech:
Taeyeon: Countdown TV viewers, good evening, we’re SNSD.
Seohyun: We’re going to release our new album “GIRLS’ GENERATION” on June 1st!
Sooyoung: It will naturally include all our releases up until now: Gee, Genie, Run Devil Run, MR. TAXI and many more. So everyone, definitely check it out! This isn’t much, but please listen

Friday, 20 May 2011

SNSD releases 1st Japan Album Trailer with all the songs!

SMENT realesed SNSD new trailer but we have a better one here for you!


Girls'Generation 1st Japan Album Teaser Trailer list (With timing)
∙ MR.TAXI (0:25-0:32) ∙ GENIE (0:33-0:47) ∙ BAD GIRL (0:48-1:00) ∙ HOOT (1:00 - 1:14) ∙ you-aholic (1:15 - 1:30) ∙ Beautiful Stranger (1:31 - 1:46) ∙ Run Devil Run (1:47 - 1:57) ∙ THE GREAT ESCAPE (1:58 - 2:12) ∙ I'm In Love With The HERO (2:13 - 2:29) ∙ Gee (2:30 - 2:48) ∙ Let It Rain (2:48 - 3:00) ∙ BORN TO BE A LADY (3:00-3:08)

INFO: Girls' Generation 1st Japanese Album + Where To Buy Them!

SM Entertainment Japan has announced that Girls' Generation will release their first Japanese album, titled "Japan 1st Album--Girls' Generation", on June 1st. 

There are three editions available for purchase. The Deluxe First Press Limited Edition comes in a box, with a mini-bag, a forty-page photobook, a DVD with the Japanese versions of "Gee", "GENIE", and both "MR. TAXI" music videos, and a poster. The Limited Edition includes a DVD with the Japanese versions of "Gee", "GENIE", and regular "MR. TAXI" music videos, a 32-page photobook, and a poster. The posters will be released in limited quantities, being only available during the first batch releases of the Deluxe First Press Limited Edition and Limited Edition versions.

The album will contain twelve songs, including the four singles already released in Japan.

Here's the rundown of information about the upcoming release:

- Official Girls' Generation Japanese site:
- Release date: June 1st, 2011
- Different album editions: http://www.girls-gen...d/album_ad.html
- Girls' Generation introducing Deluxe First Press Limited Edition Video Info:

 Preview of the Trailer/Website Intro:



CD Track List
3. you-aholic
4. Run Devil Run
6. Beautiful Stranger
7. I’m In Love With The HERO
8. Let It Rain
9. Gee
11. HOOT

DVD Contents
  • MR.TAXI (Original & Dance ver.)
  • GENIE (JPN Original ver.)
  • Gee (JPN Original ver.)
There will be 3 versions of the album, DeluxeLimited and Regular (I know expensive, but it is a must have as it's a LIMITED edition!)

INCLUDES a Box, Photobook of 40 pages, Make Up Set, And A tiny Cute Bag with "GIRLS GENERERATION" Logo on! And If you pre-order  some time before it's release you will get POSTER!
CD + DVD + Limited Edition photo book + Limited Edition poster (limited)

And Of course where you can buy them (Very Important if you are a true S♥NE and want to support them :D)

[BUY] Japan 1st Album Deluxe First Press Limited Edition
cdjapan l YesAsia l HMV

[BUY] Japan 1st Album Limited Edition
cdjapan l YesAsia l HMV

[BUY] Japan 1st Album Regular Edition
cdjapan l YesAsia l HMV

Any Other sites? Yeah: Price:
Recommended Retail Price (RRP):
[Regular Edition] – ¥ 3,000 tax inc., approx. USD $ 37
[Limited Period Edition] – ¥ 3,990 tax inc., approx. USD $ 50
[Deluxe First Press Edition] – ¥ 6,990 tax inc., approx. USD $87
Tower Records: Regular Edition 3,000 yen // Limited Edition 3,391 yen // First Press 5, 941 yen
CDJapan: Regular Edition 2,857 yen // Limited Edition 3,800 yen //First Press 6,657 yen Regular Edition 3,000 yen //Limited Edition 3, 272 yen // First Press 6, 888 yen
HMV Japan: Regular Edition 3,000 yen // Limited Edition 3, 591 yen // First Press 6, 291 yen
YesAsia: Regular Edition USD $34.49 // Limited Edition USD $54.75 // First Press USD $97.25