Wednesday, 11 May 2011

SNSD Perform Hoot on May 11 2011 at INPUT SEOL + Yuri's worrying health! :(

This is the Yuri we want!
OK guys time for another Hoot Live!

I was all excited watching Hoot Live performance in their colorful clothes that was featured on the Hoot album, when suddenly I see Yuri all skinny than... like never before!
OMG Yuri! What happened to your chubby arms?!?

I have noticed Yuri gained a little bit of weight after the filming of Hoot MV, as I saw she was bit more rounder in Visual Dreams MV.
But then Yoona had said, last month, that Yuri was doing more excise these days... I thought it was just to get her old figure back, but no.... She is extremely skinny, in today's Hoot Performance in Input Seoul, compared to the other girls and it is not normal as I can see.
Even she is skinnier than Jessica! Thats not right :( It scares me!
Oh please Yuri unnie look after your health! Don't let other pressure you!

Watch the performance below!

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