Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Yes finally our girls are releasing their 3rd mini album in just a few hours, and guess what? SM has released an interview in English of the girls talking about their upcoming album "THE BOYS", they all look very excited and happy and we get to see Fany, Sica and Seo speaking in English... Amazingly Seohyun's accent is good just what Tiffany and Jessica has mentioned before! Check out the interview below!

SNSD The Boys New Comeback Pictures!

Only a day left to Girls Generation huge comeback worldwide, and SM has unveiled new promotional pictures to spazz over while we wait those long hours to our SNSD reveals their music video for the boys! Check it out!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

SNSD reveals both english and korean teaser for "THE BOYS"

I know it's a late update, and probably you watched the teasers, but you know if you haven't... THEN YOU SHOULD!
I can't describe it either because it's so... FREAKING AMAZING! WATCH IT!



Friday, 14 October 2011

SNSD officially joins Universal Music to debut in the U.S.!

SM Entertainment previously announced plans on releasing SNSD‘s upcoming album “The Boys“ worldwide, and it seems their plans on doing so have been officially confirmed!

On October 12th, SM Entertainment revealed that SNSD will release a maxi single (similar to a mini-album) in the United States sometime in November through the well known Universal Music Group under Interscope Records, which currently houses extremely famous talents such as Lady Gaga, Eminem and the Black Eyed Peas.

Together with Universal Music Group, SNSD’s “The Boys” full-length album is expected to be released in Europe, South America, and other countries all around the world as well.

Furthermore, the girls who had postponed their comeback date in order to better market their album internationally have confirmed their comeback schedule by revealing their release date to be October 19th. This includes an official iTunes release, music video premiere through SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel and Facebook, and lastly the physical album release in Korea.

Their title track ‘The Boys’ is the masterpiece of none other than Teddy Riley, who in the past has served as the producer of the legendary Michael Jackson. Teddy has put together a trendy track with a beat & melody that’s sure to widely please all listeners world-wide.

SNSD will make their comeback through the October 21st episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Music Bank‘.

Source: Chosun, MT News

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

SNSD pictures of Yuri, YoonA, SooYoung and Seohyun J-ESTINA pictures revealed!

Earlier, we reported that SNSD became the endorsement models for fashion brand ‘J.ESTINA‘. So far, a group shot as well as photos of members Sooyoung and Seohyun were revealed. On October 11th, YoonA and Yuri‘s cuts were released to the press.

YoonA rocks a very clean look with her white blouse and high-waisted beige pants. A grey suede belt adds some texture, while her J.ESTINA leather backpack prevents the look from being too boring.

Yuri, on the other hand, dons a more cosmopolitan outfit. Her feathered skirt and puffed-sleeve blouse mimic the movement seen in her handbag’s navy-colored waves. It’s a fun, flirtacious look that plays around with patterns and structure.

It seems like the brand plans to release additional still-cuts, so stay tuned for more releases from J. ESTINA!

SNSD chosen models by J.ESTINA!

After their recent handbag launching, J.Estina garnered attention by choosing Girls’ Generation as their first campaign model.  It has gained much interest amongst fans after photos of Sooyoung and Seohyun at the shoot were revealed.
On their choice of Girls’ Generation, J.Estina stated, “Not only are they a popular girl group, but they have gone from Asia’s top stars to ‘global culture icons’ as the center of the K-Pop wave that’s been taking over the world.  The way they’re going forward is similar to that of J.Estina.  That is the reason why they fit the ‘real princess’ concept that J.Estina is pushing.”
The Girls’ Generation bags will be the best 2011 Fall/Winter fashion trend, with a backpack style, carrying J.Estina’s distinct “floral pattern”.  They will be released in brown and ivory.  A specially designed 2012 Spring/Summer season red studded bag will be released in October.
Before their launching, J.Estina grabbed a lot of attention not only as a company, but amongst handbag consumers.  They became a hot issue with best-seller items, from a Suzy wallet, Nichkhun backpack, and Park Hanbyul backpack.
Source: Nate
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified.com
Edited by: MoonSoshi9@soshified.com

Tiffany and Yuri return on music core!

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Yuri return as MCs on MBC Music Core.
After leaving their positions at the end of July 2010, a lot of fans have been waiting for their return. Fans were delighted when the schedule on Girls’ Generation’s official website was updated with Tiffany and Yuri’s appearance on the Saturday music show. Their support was also shown when “MC YulTi” appeared on Twitter’s trending topics.
Today was miss A’s Suzy and T-ara’s Jiyeon’s last day as MCs on the show. Tiffany and Yuri brought a bouquet of flowers for Suzy and Jiyeon, and they said a few encouraging words which brought the two to tears. “Both of you have went through a lot. Good work. We also think that you guys did a great job and showed a better side of yourselves through this, so don’t be too sad.”
Yuri then proceeded to ask the two to say their last words to the viewers, and Tiffany exclaimed, “We have prepared tissue!”. After listening to their goodbyes, Tiffany invited them to come play at MBC Music Core’s studio someday.
Watch the cut below

SeoHae releases "DREAMS COME TRUE" audio track!

On October 11th, SNSD‘s Seohyun and Super Junior‘s Donghae released their digital single “Dreams Come True“, which will be used as the theme song for the ’2011 Asia Song Festival‘ in Daegu.

The two idols were appointed to be UNICEF envoys, and as such, they decided to donate proceeds from their album’s sales to UNICEF to help children suffering in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Djibouti.

Check out their song below!

Monday, 10 October 2011

SNSD Album + Comeback "THE BOYS" Confirmed

Earlier, it was reavealed that SNSD‘s comeback would be delayed from the originally scheduled date of October 7th with SM Entertainment’s decision to release a U.S. album in addition to the Korean album.

Ever since then, fans as well as other artists who were scheduled to comeback in October, have been anxiously anticipating the date of SNSD’s comeback.

On October 10th, a source revealed to Star News that SNSD will hold their first comeback stage for their new song, “The Boys“, on October 21st through KBS‘s ‘Music Bank‘ (exactly 2 weeks after the original date).  The release of the album is also anticipated to be 2 weeks from the originally scheduled date, on October 19th.

Friday, 7 October 2011

SNSD reveals 2nd Teaser MV for "THE BOYS"

SM Entertainment has been keeping us all on our toes with the numerous teasers they’ve released for SNSD‘s comeback. They’ve returned with one final video teaser before they unleash their full album and subsequent MV.

This time, the video gives a better glimpse into the girls’ ‘princess’ concept with more effects and stunning close-up shots.

Check out the clip above, and be sure to tune in for updates on SNSD’s full releases!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

[RESULTS] Who is your favorite voted member of SNSD??

Congrats to SooYoung for more than 19% of the votes!

And the places are:
1. SooYoung
2. Hyoyeon
3. Taeyeon and Jessica [TIED]
4. Seohyun and YoonA [TIED]
5. Tiffany
6. Yuri and Sunny [TIED]
SooYoung has a strong popularity in the UK! Congrats again SooYoung!