SNSD Members Profile

Name: Kim Tae-yeon
Known as: Taeyeon (Stage Name), Kid Leader, The Dorky Leader Umma, Ajumma, ,Tete
Birthday: 9 March 1989 (age 22)
Height: 162 cm
Blood Type: O
Group Position: The Leader, The lead singer
Talents: Singing, Speaking Chinese, swimming
Bio: Taeyeon is known for being very dorky, and can always melt our hearts with her strong passion as a team! Taeyeon is also known for being the "Husband" of none other than Tiffany!

Name: Jung Su-Yeon (Korean Name)  Jessica Jung (English Name)
Height: 163 cm
Blood Type: B
Known as: Jessica (Stage Name), Sica, The Ice Princess, Sexsica
Birthday: 18 April 1989 (Age 22)
Group Position: Lead vocalist
Talents: Speaking English, Singing

Bio: She is known mostly for blonde hair in 2010, She is very cold as her nick name says, but she truly have a beautiful heart inside :) She is also known for being very violent when she is scared... awww <3 Her most famous pairing is Yuri (YulSic)!

Name: Stephanie Hwang
Known as: Tiffany (Stage Name), Fany, Brighter than gems, Brighter than Mushrooms, DdilFany (Clumsy Fany), T Manager, Hwang Manager
Birthday: 1 August 1989 (21 age)
Height: 162 cm
Blood Type: O
Group Position: Main vocalist/Supporting Vocalist
Talents: Speaking English, Flute, Singing
Bio: Tiffany is most known for her charming, breathtaking "Eye Smile". She also known for her Californian accent. But most of all she is part of the most famous SNSD pairing with Taeyeon (TaeNy), but she have also other notable pairings such as with Sunny, Sica, Yuri and HyoYeon!

Name: Lee Soon-kyu 
Known as: Sunny (Stage Name) , Sunny Bunny, Aegyo Queen (Cute Queen), Gag Idol, DJ Soon, SoonKyo, Strong Sunny
Birthday: 15 May 1989 (age 21)
Height: 158 cm (But she says it's 155?)
Blood Type: B
Group Position: Supporting Vocalist
Talents: Sports, Singing, Aegyo Expressions
Bio: Sunny is known for being the most cute member in Girls' Generation, and she is always in a Happy mood. But she is also known for standing up for her self and being brave. She always oppose anyone who are taller 155cm and teasing her!
Name: Kim HyoYeon
Known as: HyoYeon, Dancing Queen, Princess Fiona, Hyoraengi (Tiger), Hyo-Choding
Birthday: 22nd September 1989
Height: 160 cm
Blood Type: AB
Group Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist
Talents: Dance, and speaks fluently Chinese
Bio: The Dancing Queen, full of Energy, and always so kind hearted. She charms with her moves and funny expressions when she is shocked or WOWed, this is Hyo Unnie every one!
Name: Im YoonA
Known as: YoonA, Flower, Alligator, Strong Deer, Face of SNSD 
Birthday: 30th May 1990 
Height: 166 cm 
Blood Type: B 
Group Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Talents: Dance and Acting (Cinderella Man)
Bio: Yoona, the face of SNSD, many celebrities ideal type and Queen of Acting. She is known as an alligator because of her wide mouth open when laughing. Maybe she is the prettiest member, considered by many, but she is in fact very boyish in her fashion styles! This is our Flower, Im YoonA, the strong deer!

Name: Choi SooYoung
Known as:  Shik shin (God of food), NaSoo (interrupter), DJ Syoung
Birthday: 10th February 1990
Height: 170 cm 
Blood Type: O
Group Position: Lead dancer and vocalist
Talents: Dance, speaks fluently Japanese and acting like other famous people!
Bio: SooYoung the Queen of Food! And definitely the hottest long legs! SooYoung might seem all brave, but in fact she is the one who will be crying first if she were to be in haunted house! SooYoung is the one most experienced in the Japanese music industry, in fact she even was in a duet called 'Route O' before she debuted as 'Girls' generation'. SooYoung is also good at imitating others! Just search SooYoung imitating!