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SNSD's YoonA the deer voted as the one with innocent doe eye ^^

I think these are those eyes... Aww so adorable!

In a recently conducted survey, our deer Yoona was chosen as “the idol with the best doe-like eyes that makes you want to protect them.”

According to the survey which ran from August 2nd to 29th, Yoona claimed the top spot after receiving 43% (159) of the votes from a pool of 369 participants.

Those who voted for Yoona argued that her innocent looking eyes not only contributed to her beauty, but that by looking at them one would feel the need to protect her.

KARA’s Go Hara and After School’s Uee took the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively.
See her adorable eyes looking at you!!!! She is killing me!

SNSD's Tiffany's funny expression, when she realizes is a SONE!

I had to add this in, because Fany Baby looks so cute and funny in the end! It's even like a comic!
Tiffany 1st reaction is when she thinks it's the media taking the photo's, then she realizes is a SONE in the few last pics... LOL XD.

The photo was taken yesterday when she attended her press conference for her musical debut "FAME" (click here read more about it)

Credits: @Soshi9Sone 

SNSD helps Coway Sales by 400%!

On the 31st, Woongjin Coway revealed, "The sales volume of the Ice Water Purifier, modeled by Girls' Generation last April, has had a sales volume increase by 400% compared to the same time from the previous year. Through their advertisement effect, our recently released Self-Sterilizing Ice Water Purifier's sales volume have been increasing greatly."
Woongjin Coway signed Girls' Generation on as their models last March. The 'Coway, Please Take Care Of Mom' campaign used Girls' Generation's friendly, luxurious image, to strengthen Korea's number one water purifier brand and expand their consumers from the partial age group of 40s~50s to those in their 20s~30s.

Woongjin Coway's Ice Water Purifier, Self-Sterilizing Ice Water Purifier, and other products connected the product's technical skills with Girls' Generation's nine members' different charms. By relating Yuri with the Ice Water Purifier and Yoona with the Self-Sterilizing Ice Water Purifier, they have been using each girl's unique advertising effect to the fullest.

According to Woongjin Coway, after the CF for the ice water purifier was aired in April, the sales volume increased during the second quarter by 400% compared to the previous year. The sales volume of the Self-Sterilizing Ice Water Purifier modeled by Yoona in June increased by 38% compared to other ice water purifiers.

Woongjin Coway's marketing communication's team leader, Kim Junhyun stated, "With seasons being a huge factor in sales volume for ice water purifiers, and seeing how it's increased 4 times that of results from around the same time the previous year, Girls' Generation's CFs were a considerable contribution to increasing the awareness and reasons for purchasing the products."

Not only has Girls' Generation's CFs increased sales, but they have also contributed in improving the brand's image. In order to analyze Girls' Generation's advertisement effect, they worked with Cheil Worldwide Inc., holding an online poll directed towards 100 females living in Seoul, between the ages of 25~39.

The results showed that after Girls' Generation's CFs, 81% of voters said Coway was the first water purifier brand that came to mind. The brand that stood in second only received 10% of the total votes. It was also voted the brand they prefer the most with 56% of votes, gaining 3~4 times more votes than the brand in second place.

Woongjin Coway's marketing headquarters director also revealed, "Along with the increased sales volume with Girls' Generation's advertising campaign, we were able to establish a dominant consumer age group of those in their 20s~30s, establishing strong brand power. Along with developing more groundbreaking products, we are planning on expanding as the number one water purifier business with Girls' Generation alongside us."

Source: Newsen

[CONFIRMED] SMTown to be held in New York!

SM Entertainment artists are joining together for another large-scale performance of SM TOWN Live World Tour on October 23 at what is recognized as one of the most prestigious venues for pop singers in the US, New York's Madison Square Garden, for an estimated audience of 15,000 fans.
Madison Square Garden is regarded as a mecca to American pop culture where worldwide singers like Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber have held concerts. The stage where pop singers all over the world dream to be on is also home to the famous NBA basketball team the New York Knicks.

Meanwhile,  SM TOWN is scheduled to hold concerts for three days from September 2-4 at the Tokyo Dome in Japan to a large-scale audience of 150,000 fans.

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

SNSD's Tiffany's thoughts on her Musical Debut "Fame"

At the press conference held on the 30th of August,Tiffany revealed, “While the other members of Girls' Generation were doing their musicals I was also steadily practising my acting and singing”

Tiffany is the third Girls’ Generation member after Taeyeon and Jessica to participate in a musical. Her role in the upcoming musical "Fame", is a rebellious girl with a burning passion to become a star called Carmen Diaz.

Tiffany also shared with everyone, “Luckily I came upon a role that I have confidence in. If I encounter any difficulty, I can ask for advice from my friends who have already debuted in musicals. Something I have in common with my character is that in America I had dreams of becoming a singer so I came to Korea, and after going through my training period, I debuted. During my trainee days I had that passion and I think it will be easy to express the person that I was not too long ago. We have similarities and we have differences too so I must work hard at that to fulfill the role."

Tiffany stated that she is preparing a lot for her first musical challenge and said, “As of now I can’t explain how I will perform, but I’m studying the movie closely and watching the musical again. I am continually practicing the script and music. I want to act naturally so that the audience will be able to sympathize with the character.”

Based on the 1980 film of the same name, the musical, "Fame", premiered in 1988 and has had productions all over the world. The musical was first introduced to Korea in 2005. This is a teen musical that takes place in La Guardia, an Arts school in New York, and it shows the dreams and sorrows of aspiring artists who have wishes of becoming stars.

Watch the video of Tiffany at the press conference below!

SNSD's Tiffany attends Press Conference for her Musical Debut "Fame"

On the 30th of August, the cast of the upcoming musical, “Fame”, attended the press conference at Seoul Lotte Hotel. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, who had been casted as Carmen Diaz, was present at the event too. Prior to the cast’s arrival, fans of the members of the cast sent in their rice donations to support them, and Tiffany had a noticeably bigger stack of donations. Hwasueunhwa, one of Girls’ Generation’s fan cafes, donated 100KG of rice under Tiffany’s name for the musical, and their kind gesture has not gone unnoticed as they have caught the attention of many.

After the arrival of the cast, Tiffany was seen wearing a pink, polka-dotted dress, and her cute getup has caused many to call her a “walking Barbie doll”. Apart from Tiffany, other members of the cast who were present included Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, g.o.d’s Son Hoyoung, TRAX’s Jungmo and The Grace’s Lina. The musical will officially begin on the 25th of November at the Seoul Olympic Park Woori Financial Arts Hall.

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Monday, 29 August 2011

SNSD's SooYoung in hospital because of a car accident :(

It’s just been reported that SNSD’s Sooyoung was involved in a car accident early yesterday morning, but fortunately, she did not receive any serious injuries.

On August 29th, SM Entertainment released a statement that said, “Sooyoung is suffering from a sacrovertebral fracture from the car accident, but thankfully, the injury is nothing serious.”

They continued, “The doctor in charge gave a positive prognosis and said that with plenty of rest and treatment, she will be fully recovered in no time. Sooyoung will be unable to participate in upcoming planned schedules.”

The injury from her car accident means that Sooyoung will not be able to perform at the “SM TOWN LIVE in Tokyo” or at SNSD’s live concert in Taiwan.

According to SM Entertainment, Sooyoung was traveling from Seoul to Chunan at 9 AM on August 28th for her next schedule, when the car on the opposite lane had carelessly crashed into Sooyoung’s car.

SM added, “Sooyoung was on her way to complete her volunteer services for the visually impaired when the accident occurred. The car in the opposite lane crossed the center line and consequently crashed into Sooyoung’s vehicle.”

Sooyoung is currently receiving treatment at a hospital and is recuperating from the accident.

[EDIT]: Updated with translated tweets from Sooyoung's sister Soojin and former SM trainee Stella Kim.
It has recently been announced that Girls' Generation member, Sooyoung, was involved in a car accident at 9:00am on the 28th of August. The accident occurred near the rest area on Gyeongbu Expressway while Sooyoung was on her way to a charity event for the blind and vision impaired in Cheonan, caused by the negligence of the driver in the opposite lane who crossed over the center-line.
Sooyoung was sent to a nearby hospital, and is currently recuperating in a hospital in Seoul with injuries to her lower spine (fracture to the sacral vertebra). However, her doctor has stated that the injury is only minor, although Sooyoung will need time off from activities immediately in order to recover.
As a result, Sooyoung will not be participating alongside her group-mates for three "SMTOWN LIVE in Tokyo Dome" concerts on September 2nd, as well as the upcoming Girls' Generation concert in Taiwan.

[EDIT]: After news broke about Sooyoung's accident, her sister Soojin posted this message on her personal Twitter account: "Thank you for those who are concerned about Sooyoung. The cheerful princess Sooyoung is so bright right now like always... we continually ask for your prayers. "
Former SM trainee Stella Kim, who is known to be close to the girls, also tweeted a message: "I was worried so I went to go see her as soon as I got the phone call... but I burst out laughing because she was laughing like hehheh~ when I got there kekekeSource: NATE, sujincda@twitter, hk_diary@twitter, Allkpop
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Sunday, 28 August 2011

SooYoung's Sponsored Photo gains attention!

Just recently an online community has published a post titled "Designer Legs' Make A Sponsored Photo Look Like A Photoshoot" attached with the photo [in low quality :( ]

In the photo as you can see, SooYoung is wearing a black, with a mini skirt that looks like a long dress at the back back, which SooYoung shows off her famous long legs (*faints*), and her slim figure, causing every by stoppers off the post, to admire (and even get jealous) of her perfect body, and not mention those legs!

What do you think of smiley princess?

Hyoyeon Wants miss A's Min to Control Her Kkab (funny dancing)!

As everyone knows, SNSD's HyoYeon and miss A's Min are very good friends, but HyoYeon can get a bit embarrassed when she is outside with her. Yes Hyoyeon stated: "I'm so embarrassed going out with Min. If she hears music, she automatically starts dancing. Don't you think that's a bit much, doing Beyonce's dance on the street?"
She added, "Please control your behavior that draws attention," causing laughter on the set.
After watching the video, Min said, "I normally don't care about others' eyes. I usually act without hesitation."
Shin Bongsun went on reenacting Min's behavior, causing Min to become embarrassed and to promise, "I'll try not to act like this outside from now on."

Friday, 26 August 2011

YoonA climbs the Rocks for eider!

 France's premium outdoor brand "EIDER" recently filmed a commercial with Girls' Generation's Yoona and actor Lee Minho. Pictures of the two were released as they tried to scale a steep cliff.

Yoona and Lee Minho. who accompanied each other to America's California River Eastern Sierra Bishop rock climbing area for commercial filming, were closely watched by fans as they showed off a cool airport look, and this is the first time the two of them have acted together in a commercial.

Among the photos released by EIDER, Lee Minho looked like a pro and showed a very serious side as he brought his own climbing gear and even put chalk in his own clothes.

A smiling Yoona, undeterred by the hot day, learned from beginning to end, brightened up the atmosphere, and was able to finish her filming safely.

EIDER staff members said, "Despite the difficult filming of climbing a wall with bare hands, they performed as 'EIDER' friends well with their excellent reflexes and defiant hearts. Thanks to Yoona and Lee Minho's great efforts, we were able to complete a television commercial that projected a wild and stylish image that we have high hopes for."

The EIDER commercial is expected to be broadcast this coming September.

SNSD 2 new CF for Woongjin Coway!

Two new Woongjin Coway CFs featuring Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Hyoyeon, and Yoona have been released. In the first CF, the girls repeat the phrase "seu seu ro sal gyun" several times, as the "self-cleaning" feature of the Coway product is praised.

The second CF features the girls in different settings performing several actions by themselves, following the "self" theme of the advertisement. Yoona is shown first washing a car, followed by Taeyeon painting a wall in a house. Then, the CF cuts to Hyoyeon constructing a chair, Jessica designing a dress, and Sunny cooking a meal.
In addition to the new CFs, several behind-the-scenes photos were released by Woongjin Coway. Several photos have been attached below.

Tiffany is to be in a Major Musical "Fame"!

Girls' Generation's Tiffany has been selected to be an actress in the musical "Fame".

Tiffany will begin performing for the opening of the musical on November 25 at Seoul Olympic Park Woori Financial Art Hall. In "Fame" she will be playing the role of Carmen Diaz, a girl who dreams of becoming a star even just one moment sooner through her own voice.

The broadway musical "Fame" was first directed in the 1980s under the supervision of Alan Parker, using the movie of the same name as its base.
The movie follows the dreams and love of the students who passed the difficult audition at the highly renowned PA, a school specializing in the performing arts.

Aside from Tiffany, Son Hoyoung (from g.o.d.), Super Junior's Eunhyuk, The Grace's Lina, and TRAX's Jungmo will be part of the idol star line up participating in the musical.
Aside from Tiffany, fellow members Taeyeon and Jessica have participated in "Midnight Sun" and "Legally Blonde" respectively.
Are you excited for Tiffany's appearance in "Fame"? I am!
Go Fany! I'll Cheer you all the way!

UPDATED [SNSD Videos] Full GIRLS' GENERATION 1st Japan Tour now on YouTube!

SNSD’s 2011 Japan Arena Tour Concert in Yoyogi (Tokyo) was broadcast on Japanese television!
The concert, which was performed on June 29 earlier this year, aired on SKY PerfecTV! on August 21. Being a TV version of the concert, only group performances were broadcast; it seems we’ll have to wait to see the girls’ solo stages when their Japan Arena Tour concert is officially released on DVD. Nevertheless, the setlist is nothing short of amazing, and will indubitably satiate your Soshi cravings.
It seems the telecast was aired in 3D but the good people of the internet have uploaded the 2D version as well as 3D. Click the following videos in song parts!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

SNSD to take part in Asia Song Festival 2011 along side with Super Junior!

Super Junior, SNSD, and other groups will participate in the 2011 Asia Song Festival.

On August 24th, The Korea Foundation of International Culture Exchange announced, “Super Junior, SNSD, as well as the Japanese group, Perfume, Taiwanese singer / actor, Peter Ho, Zhou Bichang, and other performers will appear at the 2011 Asia Song Festival. The festival will take place at the Daegu Stadium on October 15th”.

Perfume is a Japanese techno-pop group that celebrated their 10th anniversary last November.

Peter Ho is a singer that sang the opening track–a remix of Baek Ji Young’s “As If I Got Shot”–for last year’s highest rated Taiwanese drama, “Summer’s Desire“. Zhou Bichang is a Chinese artist that topped album sales charts in China since his debut in 2005.

Other appearances will include Leo Ku, an artist who has released 35 albums with more than 9 million sales since his debut and Tata Young, a popular Thai singer who has sold more than 10 million albums

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

3rd Date for SNSD's 2nd Asia Tour is to be held in Taiwan!

The "2011 GIRLS' GENERATION TOUR" is set to descend upon Taiwan on September 10 and 11, and the demand for tickets was extremely high, as all 20,000 seats have been sold out for some time. Fans have been frustrated by the difficulty in finding tickets, but now it appears that there will be another opportunity to secure seats for a concert.

According to the Taiwanese Superdome event website, a third concert date has been added on September 9, from 7:30pm to 10:30 pm. According to Superdome, ticket sales will follow the same procedure as for the first two concert dates, with priority orders beginning on August 27 at convenience stores in Taiwan before sales to the general public open on August 28.

SNSD's SooYoung, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, YoonA and Sunny attends 'Blue Salt' Premiere!

On the night of August 23rd, there was only one place for Seoul’s V.I.Ps to be, and that was at the CGV Wangsimni IMAX theatre. Stars and journalists flocked to attend the V.I.P premiere for the highly-anticipated action flick, ”Blue Salt“, which was directed by Lee Hyun Seung.

“Blue Salt” is about a compassionate, but tough gang boss named ‘Du Heon’ (Song Kang Ho) who is now retired and dreams of becoming a restaurant owner. He meets ‘Se Bin’ (Shin Se Kyung), a girl with a mysterious identity at a cooking class. Little does he know that she’s tasked to kill him because her best friend was being held captive by Du Heon’s rival gang. Du Heon and Se Bin soon fall in love with each other, but ultimately they have to make a choice.

The V.I.P premiere drew in huge names like Rain, Kim Min Joon, Kim Chang Ryul, Choi Daniel, Kim Hye Soo, Kim Hye Jin, SNSD (Sooyoung, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, YoonA, Sunny), Kim Soo Hyun, Min Hyo Rin, Yoon Eun Hye, Jang Hyuk, Lee Yoon Ji, Kim Hae Sook, Lee Jung Hyun, Jung Woo Sung, Horan, Park Hee Sun, Lee Jung Jae, Kim Joo Hyuk, Eom Ji Won, Kim Gyuri and many more.

The movie will be officially released in Korean theaters from September 1st.

Here are some pictures of SNSD on the premiere!


Will girl groups, Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls, have a girl group battle during the second half of 2011 following the announcement of their comebacks?

If someone was told to choose the greatest girl group out of all the existing girl groups in Korea, the person would, without a doubt, choose Girls’ Generation or Wonder Girls. Even though there has been a girl group craze in 2011, the return of Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls is still gaining an endless amount of interest. With both their comebacks confirmed for the end of the year, their upcoming battle has been gaining a lot of attention.

Firstly, Girls’ Generation will be making their comeback either in late September or early October. With their comeback just weeks away, they are currently recording song tracks that will be included in their upcoming album. Girls’ Generation’s management agency, SM Entertainment, has stated that they are planning for a comeback in September, but has yet to provide a specific date. It was noted that Girls’ Generation has not announced a comeback date as they have not fully completed the recording of their album.

Although a date still has not been set, the announcement of Girls’ Generation’s comeback alone has sent fans going wild. Back in May, after Girls’ Generation released their first full length Japanese self-titled album, they have been gaining an endless amount of popularity in Japan. Also, ever since they last released their Korean album, “Hoot” in 2010, they have been showing a more matured side while promoting in Japan. This was shown especially during their solo concert, “2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR”, and their Japan Arena Tour when they showed their upgraded image through their music and performances.

At the concert, the 9 member’s solo stages, as well as their group performances sent the crowd swooning. Also, during the performances of their Japanese singles “MR. TAXI” and “Let It Rain”, they showed their different, matured and lady-like sides. As such, the anticipation as to what concept their comeback will be like has been growing tremendously. Also, because Girls’ Generation has been part of the Hallyu Wave, their comeback, as expected, has been gaining a lot of attention from fans all over the world.

While the recent announcement of Girls’ Generation’s comeback has caused excitement in the music world, Wonder Girls has officially announced their comeback which is set for November.

Wonder Girls revealed through their official homepage that they would be making a Korean comeback in November, and that their activities will only last for a month. Wonder Girls will only finish their US activities after they complete the filming of their movie in October, after which they will be releasing an album for their Korean fans in November.

For the past 3 years, Wonder Girls has been making many attempts to break into the US market. Because of that, they have had little time to spend on their activities in Korea, and one such example is the short month of promotions that they had back in 2010 with “2 Different Tears”. This has led to their local fans feeling downcast.

Because of their preparations and plans for their US activities, there have not been any Korean activities from Wonder Girls in 2011. Aside from the company concert, Korean fans have not had the chance to interact with Wonder Girls yet. Due to their long hiatus since their last Korean comeback, the announcement of their imminent comeback has become a hot issue among the public. While “2 Different Tears” had a funky and retro feeling, many are curious as to how the girls will transform for their next comeback.

The reason why Girls’ Generation’s and Wonder Girls’ comeback has become the center of attention is because many are wondering if they will go head-to-head in their promotions. If Girls’ Generation does make a comeback in October, it will mean that they will have a few weeks where they will promote simultaneously with Wonder Girls in November.

Although nothing has been revealed as to what music genre or what concept each girl group will be portraying, netizens have already speculated that they will be going head-to-head against each other. However, as both groups have made attempts at various transformations, fans have predicted that their next concept will be highly appealing too.

The battle between Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls is expected to take place largely in their album sales and music chart rankings. Also, both groups are known to have many international fans, so the announcement of their comeback has already gained a lot of interest from overseas. 2 of the greatest girl groups in Korea are planning to heat up the music world in the second half of the year, and fans are already excited for the upcoming battle.

It looks like the upcoming months will be very interesting for the Korean music industry!

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SNSD's 1st Asia Tour 'Into The New World' Is Number 1 in Japan!

Posted Image

In August, 2010, Girls’ Generation broke records in Japan with the release of their DVD, “New Beginning of Girls’ Generation”. It reached the 3rd and 4th spots on the Oricon weekly music DVD ranking and the weekly DVD ranking respectively, making them the first female k-pop group to enter the Oricon DVD Top-5 ranking.

But a year later, Girls’ Generation have surpassed themselves, proving their popularity in the Japanese music industry once again. Tower Records’ newly released ranking of the week’s sales show that Girls’ Generation’s first concert DVD; “1st ASIA TOUR: Into The New World”, released on August 19th, has taken the top spot being the highest selling DVD between August 15-21st, despite being released more than halfway through the week.

The concert DVD shows footage of the performances from Girls’ Generation’s Korean encore concert in February 2010 in Seoul, and has been long anticipated and has already proven to be explosively popular amongst Korean and international fans.

Source: Tower Records
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[CLOSED] Who is your favorite SNSD Member?

CLOSED click here to view results!I can tell you my favorite member is Tiffany, but who is your favorite member? We would love to know!
Here are the members, and why fans love them, each member is unique and fans from all over the world love them based on their personality. Let's Start with Tiffany because she is my fave member!

Tiffany in 2007. Tiffany actually had long hair, before shooting the into the new world MV! So Cute and Fresh!
Tiffany considered the most popular member in 2007, but now YoonA is probably the most popular, but that's in Korea not worldwide. I love Tiffany because she is very kind and care about her girls of SNSD, that's how she got the nick name T-Manager. She is also considered for having the best eye-smile!

Hyoyeon in 2007 the fierce girl with blonde locks. 
Moving on to the EU's most popular member, Hyoyeon! The Dancing Queen, full of Energy, and always so kind hearted. She charms with her moves and funny expressions when she is shocked or WOWed, this is Hyo Unnie every one!


Sica having natural look before debut!
Sica, the Ice princess, the cold one, the violent one, which makes us all laugh, but she has gained many fans with her hidden charming smiles, sexiness, and blow out cheeks. She is also popular for her fashion taste and is considered as and Fashion Idol by SONE's. She is also known the member that suit mostly blonde hair! That's our Ice Princess!



Sunny the cute princess and if you look up 'Aegyo' Sunny's picture would defiantly come up! She is known as one of the short member (alongside with Taeyeon), in the group. Besides her fears for firework, she is one of the toughest and bravest girl in SNSD! This is Sunshine Girl!

Which fool wouldn't know that Taeyeon is the leader of top Asian Girl Group SNSD?! Well me... well at least a year ago, keke! This Taeng the dorky kid leader, and amazing singing voice. She has charmed all sones with her dorkyness and sometimes very flirtatiousness towards Tiffany, is no wonder why she has the largest fan website! This Queen of OST songs, Kid Leader!

From a cute black haired girl to a sexy blondie, this Yuri the black bearl! Fans can't get enough of her charming dance and funny moves. She is also well known for abs, which she showed of during the 1st Japan Concert. And if you ever catch her sleeping you laugh out loud as she will have her tongue out like a cute puppy!

Seohyun the youngest and most healthiest (Junk food hater!) member of Girls' generation! This SeoBaby is known for her innocent and baby like angel. She is also often mention as an angel! But now SONE's around the world are praising her as SeoLady, as she is more matured and grown up lady than she was back 2 yrs ago. Give it up for Maknae!

Yoona, the face of SNSD, many celebrities ideal type and Queen of Acting. She is known as an alligator because of her wide mouth open when laughing. Maybe she is the prettiest member, considered by many, but she is in fact very boyish in her fashion styles! This is our Flower, Im YoonA, the strong deer!


SooYoung the Queen of Food! And definitely the hottest long legs! SooYoung might seem all brave, but in fact she is the one who will be crying first if she were to be in haunted house! SooYoung is the one most experienced in the Japanese music industry, in fact she even was in a duet called 'Route O' before she debuted as 'Girls' generation'. SooYoung is also good at imitating others! Just search SooYoung imitating!