Sunday, 21 August 2011

Gee and Oh gains over 90 millions views as together on YouTube!

That's right! Girls' Generation once more strengthen their worldwide success by their official Gee MV and Oh! MV on SM entertainment official YouTube Channel.
If you are one of those SONE's watching SNSD's Gee daily (erherm, like my self :-P), you should noticed that Girls' Generation has reached 50 MILLION VIEWS!
Furthermore Oh! has reached 40 million views!

You know there is no stopping these girls, as they have 3 videos in SM top 5 most viewed MV's, Gee is at NR. 1, and Oh! is at NR.2  and Run Devil Run which holds, 27 million views, currently is at NR. 4!
Hoot, has reached 14 million, and Genie is having major success this year, as it only has about 3 million end of 2009, and end 2010, reached 5 million, but now it has 10 million views! no wonder, as it's my favorite song of all time!

Watch Gee for yourself, even if have, lets push their 50 millions views to 60 millions! That's what SONE's do ^^
And don't forget OH! can be pushed as well to 50 millions of views!

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