Saturday, 13 August 2011

[Column] SNSD Pairings

Hey guys it's time for another Soshi pairing post!
Yeah I know it's been over a month since my first and last post of SNSD Parings column, but I have realised that a lot of SONE's love the section and has gained over 400 views, and is the third most viewed post in SNSDFansUK blog, so I thought why not continue?

OK this week we have TaeNy, JeTi, SooFany, YoonYul, SeoSica and HyoSun!
TAENY the couple that every SONE love! The Royal Couple! The Unstoppable pair!
Tiffany-"It's OK I got her! No body touch my husband
Yeah Let's rule the world as TaeNy
Even got the same hair taste?
Give Taeng a kiss <3
I can tell you TaeNy is real even before debut!
TAEYEON now is your chance! Put that paper down I say! NOW! 
Atlast! Well nearly :P
TaeNy my fave couple!
But let's not forget JeTi!
Welcome to the world JEssica and TIffany (JeTi)
The popular video of Tiffany and Jessica promoting SNSD. YouTube SNSD Tiffany and Jessica and you'll see Fany and Sica speaking in English!
True Love!
OMG look a-like!
Yeah it's like Fany is melting Sica's Cold heart <3 But I think Yuri is better at that XD
Talking about other pairings, let's move on to SooFany!
Oh My Fany has SOO many girlfriends!
SooYoung -Tiffany what shall we do with Taeyeon? Fany - I don't know :(
SooYoung -"It's MY GIRL!"
I love you SooYoung!
Ha beat that Taeng!
Same Pose = Total cuteness!
Yeah what do you mean?!
I had to add that! It's soo funny XD

What do you get when you put two girls who are most liked by male SONE's? YoonYul!
Certainly real from pre-debut!
Yuri- "Save me from Sica", YoonA "Sicaaaa!"
Same >:(
Now that YoonYul are nearly like the same height and body shape they look like twins!

UPDATED SOON I'm gonna go and eat now, sorry!

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