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SNSD posts for their 4th Anniversary!

YoonA our strong deer gives us some cute dorky yet charming selca's!
YoonA posted a message on their official website, in order to give a message to SONE's all over the world about their 4th Anniversary. Check out the post below with translations!


'S♥NE~~ It's already been 4 years since we met!!^^Time really flies.We've been busy with our concert and going to Japanbut we're really happy because it seems you guys have continued loving and waiting for us~We cried and laughed, and there have been lots of memories the past 4 yearsLet's make more happy memories in the future^^And don't forget the first time we met! heheI feel everything Girls' Generation was able to accomplish was because it was done with the fansso I'm always thankful and sorry..We'll work hard to prepare a greater us to repay you all!!Thank you so much for always waiting and loving us♥I love you, too~~~^^'

And then our SeoBaby posted too to continue the message of their celebration!
Seohyun captures a quick glance at the camera, posting it on the official  website, already melting all our sones hearts!


'SONE~!Hello~ This is Girls' Generation's maknae Seohyun^^Today is Girls' Generation's 4th birthday~!Enjoyable moments, happy moments, and tiring moments from the past 4 years..Because all nine of us have SONEs,Although it has been a long time, looking back, every day was special and a good experiencewhich is how we could get through it all..Young, immature girls that didn't know anythinggrew while making many dreams come true for 4 yearsand learned and felt many things.Despite us not being perfect, I honestly thank you all forloving and supporting us equally.It's only been 4 years!!We want to make bigger dreams come true through your love and strength!!SONE! Until Girls' Generation becomes 40 years old..I hope we can make memories together.. Forever^^With Girls' Generation in your lives, and SONEs in our'swe've been very happy, and until the day we can reminisce..!We will work harder!!Right now it's Girls' Generation♥'

And as I couldn't mention my favorite member Tiffany's Birthday (because my internet had ended and we changed the broadband provider, which took about 2 weeks to sort out T_T), I am delighted to share a picture of Fany and the other girls (except for Sica as she was out of the country at the time) celebrating her birthday alongside with a message!
Tiffany celebrating her 22nd (23rd Korean Age) B-day!


'As a 4th anniversary present, Ppani's birthday party unseen cut, ta-da! keke
(Sica was absent..)ㅠ
Still! Happy 4th to my girls & my SONE^^
Today is 'our' dayyyyyyy~'

Then we have our Taeng who posted a message too, unfortunately without a selca or picture. But we can enjoy Kid Leader's post, can't we? I mean who can't?


Hello!!!!!!!!!! I'm T a e y e o n e e!! 'ㅡ'//
Everyone! It's been 4 years since Girls' Generation was born!
Wow, everybody clappp!!!! Hehe clapclapclapclapclap jjarajajajajatjat clap!clap!
Thank you for supporting us well and giving us strength for 4 years. The fans are really the source of strength.
Recently... we all watched the All About Girls' Generation DVD^^
Im guessing all of you watched it too?
While watching all of it, I could start to really feel that 4 years have passed!!
Why does it have old footage??? Huh???..
Hehe. ^^
To those who have been supporting us since our debut.. and also to everyone who've only recently started to show interest...
All of you are special to me so I'm thankful to everyone!
We always only received from you.. so always.. give us a chance to give back^^ okay?
4th year anniversary... I want to spend it meaningfully~
And I'll end my words short here..
Because I'm going to write again next year for the 5th year anniversaryyy. Hehehe
Congratulations SONE^^^ Congratulations Girls' Generation!!!!!!!!!
Ah, I feel so good.

Then SooYoung came and posted too! This time a Selca was included :)

Wondering if there's a new post, you refresh the homepage
SONEs clicking until their 1st backbone becomes the 9th...
You looked behind you, didn't you? hehe.. Not there, but up, above... Peek-a-boo!!
It's cheerful princess Sooyoung!! kekeke
Ack, it's been a while so my fingers are curling a bit hehe
You're doing well, right? I miss you again after seeing you all a while ago... heh heh
It's our 4th anniversary!! heh heh Time really flies~
The times we rode around the Soshi bus yelling 'Right now, it's Girls' Generation!' is still fresh in my mind..
You all really made right now Girls' Generation.. Thank you ㅠㅡㅠㅡㅠㅡㅠ..
Because I'm so thankful, I always think about what I can do, but the results are always the same.
That's me just staying the way I am~ That's what you all want, right? keke
It's the best present I can give you!!
Being healthy, and thankful as I am now, but not being sorry.
I just need to continue on like this, right?
How do I know this so well? keke Because it's what I expect from you all~~
I assumed that's what you expect as well hehe.. You always have to be healthy! Your health is the best thing ;)..
Don't fall somewhere like I do... kekeke
Don't get hurt.. Have a healthy body and heart.. Take care and on the day we appear on our comeback date
High kick through the roof byebyeshyoongshyoorooboongshyoong
Everyone, bring a broom. I requested a firebolt a long time ago, but still haven't gotten it....
Hehe I love you and thank you.
Yuri was the last one , but with a very very goddess like picture. BEAUTIFUL!

Wahhhhhhhh it's been 4 years already^^^^^^^!!!!!
The speed of time I felt is the same that our fans probably felt, right?!
I know that we feel the same way now..
Its something that is known without being confirmed^^?!! Yoyoyoyo!!

It's fast, right?!!..
Honestly, I felt that it was really fast when it was our 1st anniversary.. But we've been together for exactly 4 times that amount.. Woooow we've probably grown a lot~
From memories we've shared, to the depth of how much we think of one another..
I'm thankful.. So much that it can't be expressed...!
You have no idea how happy and thankful it is to have people that cheer you on no matter where you are and what you do.

Not too long ago, in the waiting room, my kid~ members^^!
I glanced at all of their feet~ And my heart wrenched a little~ ㅠㅡㅠ
After running around and practicing in heels for a concert that runs over 3 hours
our feet have scars and there are times that our bodies feel like they're about to break..
Then it can bleed and bruise, and sometimes breaks, too~^^

But even still.. I've been doing it because we had to..
But I saw that now, the members' feet have become destroyed in every way with calluses all over~
Looking at them carefully, their feet are really all destroyed~
The shape of their feet.. their toenails.. So different from when they were soft when we first started..
But maybe because they've grown so intensely with the sense of responsobility of having to show themselves to others
They've tried to cover any trace of their scars with different colors in any way they could^^

And... after being on plane rides that are over 10 hours long, their faces and bodies are helplessly swollen,
And they have to carry their exhausted bodies and walk into a full shower of camera flashes
I've seen their pain of trying to relay their thankfulness to the fans who wait for them and support them, while having to smile no matter what...
Pains... pains...?! No! Cute pain!
These small inconveniences..and complaints.. our fans allowed us to call them cute pains..
And because they're cute pains,they're no longer painful..
Thank you to all the fans who looked after and supported Girls' Generation, even if it was only for one time!!
I want to repay this feeling to everyone..
Even if I say I'll live by giving as much love as I've received, I think I'll have trouble doing so the rest of my life..^^!
If you want to enjoy my repayment, it seems like you'll have to wait 14 years at the least...
So you have to always be by our side until then, okay!? Thank you, and thank you again and again and again!
Please treasure and love our members and our staff lots and lots~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I will too^^!! Yap

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