Thursday, 4 August 2011

SNSD 4th Anniversary: another year of lovely Girls' Generation!

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the nr. 1 girl group in the world - 'Girl's Generation'.
It is very special because on the 5th of August they debuted as Girls' Generation in 2007 as south Korean stars, but today they are known from all the corners of the world, including UK, and the US and many more country from all over the world.
I remember first watching them in the chocolate love video, defiantly thanks to Erujie Production who made a sims 2 animation of Chocolate Love video (I was once very interested in the Sims 2 World ^^, I still love it but not as obsessive as I was in 2010!).

 This was in 2010 February I found this amazing video of the chocolate video!

Chocolate Love ~The ChicLettes~ by 소녀시대 Girls' generation SNSD from ERUJIEproduction on Vimeo.
And I did watch the real video
But I did not go further into Girls' Generation... I actually thought Jessica was dancing there with every one else being the back dancers XD Pardon me I was not good at remembering their faces either XD

I was not until I watched another Sims 2 video of SNSD made by Erujie again, in may 2010. That was the song, that grew my curiosity about these 9 angels.
Woah I really fell in love with that song! Oh Oh! But I wouldn't call my self a sone yet...
My curiosity grew and grew about this amazing girl group, so I found their latest song... Run Devil Run!
I absolutely began to love them! But that's when my love for them broke when my laptop died >:(
So I bought a new computer which came in 2010 august...
Yup that song officially announced me as a hardcore fan of SNSD! Gee Gee Baby Baby!
And then I heard that was a song called genie... I watched the japanese version first, at first I was bored, but 2nd time I was like doing the leg dance... And funny thing is that the song is my all time nr. 1 song by the girls, after that is run devil run and Gee.
I found the korean version very weird and hard to sing, but today that's my second preference of songs by SNSD!
And so it was in October I found about that they were making a comeback... And still didn't know who were who... So I researched more and more about them even searching pics of each members in each MV. It makes me laugh because now I know who is who without looking at their face but just by looking at their back^^
End of November I knew every member and I concluded my top 3 Tiffany, Hyoyeon and Jessica, all though all the other members are so close to my top 3! They are not even placed last:
2.Hyoyeon and Jessica
3.Yoona, Taeyeon, Seohyun, and Yuri.
4.SooYoung and Sunny.
Actually they are in top 4, ha ha :D

Did I tell you that I actually hated Yoona! And now she is like my 4th favorite member!
The reason why is that I kept reading comments on Youtube how Yoona kept getting middle parts, but obliviously they were misunderstanding her, so were I :( I cursed and killed that part of me, and now I love Yoona more than my addiction for chocolate and even my love for my computer! Yes Yoona is adorable, kind hearted flower! 
Apologies for YoonA, because I was such an idiotic Sone. It made me angry when this girl hated YoonA even though she is a SNSD fan! Poor YoonA! She is such a lovely person!
Yeah what an idiotic sone huh!?
I am even gonna buy again Mr. Taxi and I hope to get YoonA :D I got Jessica last time when I bought Mr. Taxi!
So Yeah since 2010 May I have been following SNSD!
I just want to wish all the Girls the best and congratulations for another year of Girls Generation Success not to mention their Global Generation Growth!
From Into The New World to MR. TAXI, Girls' Generation Keep Fighting! I am looking forward to their comeback Album.

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