Sunday, 7 August 2011

S♡nes opens museum for SNSD's 4th Anniversary! And the Museum is all about Girls Generation!

Yes! Sones from all over the world has created a surprise present both for Soshi and SNE's!
They have opened a museum online, which I expect too will be opened in Korea soon, as it had floor plans and sketches.
The museum was opened on 5th of August ,which was SNSD's Debut date in 2007, marking their 4th year of Anniversary.
The webpage has has also translated it's work in English, Japanese, Chinese, French and Spanish, so most of fans can understand the content it's promoting and explanation of who are the 9 Girl Group, that SONE's admire so much.
The website had everything from their debut to now of information on such as their albums, mini albums, TV shows, concerts and so on.
Why don't you check it out? It's defiantly worth it! CLICK HERE to view the webpage of SNSD museum!

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