Friday, 5 August 2011

Hyoyeon Selca posted on the internet gains attention!

HyoYeon smiles brightly at the camera like a Goddess!
Just and hour ago Hyoyeon selcas has been posted on twitter (via soshified), and has been gaining a lot interest. And what I mean about that just in an hour Hyo Unnie's new selca has already passed 3000 views on twitter!
Fans commented on how Hyoyeon is very cute and has been getting more beautiful since the debut days with Girls' Generation: 'OMFG Hyoyeon !! She's getting prettier and prettier as years pass (goddess-like ! <3)', 'cute >.<' 'Dancing Queen Hyoyeon...fighting!!!'
Atlast there is something for Hyo Fans! (Like Me XD)

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