Friday, 12 August 2011

SNSD to make 2011 comeback in Korea this September

OK here are the official news sones!
SNSD will come back this September, according to Soompi and Sports Chosun. They reported that SNSD has recently been working on their full length album, depending on how fast they work, it may well be delayed to 1 or 2 weeks of their expected release date, which of course has not been announced yet.

“SNSD has been rumored to return sometime this fall, and to my knowledge, they set their comeback date to September. They’re busy recording their new songs right now, so depending on their progress, the release date could change 1-2 weeks,” an industry official told local media.
[Quoted from Soompi]
Along with news of their comeback, the anticipation was increased amongst fans as it was revealed that they will not be releasing a mini album or digital single, but a full-length album. After releasing their second full-length album, "Oh!", in January of 2010, this will be their first full-length album release in a year and eight months. It is expected to contain Girls' Generation's matured images.

And here are the rumours!

Rumors say that they'll have a fairy and vampire concept.
The fairies are: Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yoona and Seohyun
The vampires are: Tiffany, Jessica, SooYoung and Taeyeon.

I also recently posted some pictures which was rumored it was a photo shoot for their comeback... Could this link with their concept?

[RUMORS] One of the girl who still haven’t experienced short hair will cut her hair short for their comeback….
[RUMOR] Girls’ Generation ‘s repackaged album will be in Vampire concept.
[RUMOR] For the comeback , Tiffany hair’s colour will be hot red instead of pink.
There has also been rumors on the album’s tracklist: 
SNSD 3rd Album – End Of A Fairytale (Tracklist)
1. End Of A Fairytale
2. Angry
3. Legends Never Die
4. Mr. Taxi (Korean Ver.)
5. Blow Your Fuse
6. Hoot
7. Undone
8. Misery
9. Venom
10. No Man’s Land
11. Let It Rain (Korean Ver.)
SO there is it's a lot of expectation, and can't wait for the official news! In the mean time we can practise for dancing bad girl or singing korean version of Let it rain and MR. TAXI.
Oh and watch new released BAD GIRL MV if you haven't!

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