Monday, 8 August 2011

Black Soshi is Back? SNSD Comeback 2011 September Rumors!

OMG Exciting news SONE's! Apparently Girls' Generation's SooYoung and Tiffany new pictures were uploaded on the net, and the rumors is for their comeback MV 'Drip Drop' (again this is a rumor too that I found out via @welovestephanie at twitter).
Here are the pics... first I thought SooYoung was Hyoyeon, because her hair seem more blonde?... And look at Fany! She has different contrasting hairstyle from her current one, bobbed hair to her chin! Defiantly Rocking! And both looks like they escaped again as 'Dark Soshi' from their Run Devil Run MV!
But, yes there is big a big BUT, SNSD's Seohyun Image was uploaded too completely contrasting from Tiffany and SooYoung!
Seohyun in the Image looks innocent and mature, and completely angel look like, and trust me you wont believe what I was thinking today on the way to my local corner shop to buy milk. "Maybe our black Soshi is gonna comeback which will then fight against the white Soshi...".

And looks very like that kind of that concept that our Soshi has in us for store, but remember this is rumors... Let's wait for the official announcement by SM entertainment! Oh did I tell you SNSD will release their MV teaser on the 21st of September on SM's official YouTube account (Both SMENT & SMTown).

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