Sunday, 4 December 2011

Watch SNSD The Boys English version both on VEVO and GirlsGenerationUK

Just as you know VEVO video counts but we want as well to spread soshi love to the UK so do watch it on GirlsGenerationUK channel too... Cheers ^^

Happy Birthday Yuri!!

Just want to say our Yuri baby is celebrating her 22nd birthday, on 5th of Dec!
Happy birthday girl I hope you have the best birthday until your next birthday and so on :P

SNSD returns with Mr. Taxi to Korea!

Girls’ Generation will be releasing a second version of their third album, entitled “Mr. Taxi”, on December 8th, 2011. The album will contain thirteen tracks with the addition of the English version of “The Boys”.  The “Mr. Taxi” track will be moved to the first track, and the Korean version of “The Boys” track moved to the second.
During their promotions for “The Boys” earlier this year, Girls’ Generation also performed “Mr. Taxi” wearing outfits reminiscent of police officers. With the unveiling of the album cover, fans were excited to see that the group chose similar outfits for the concept of the second version of their album. In addition, while the concept for “The Boys” consisted of a unique outfit for each member, “Mr. Taxi” features a return to identical outfits.
Twitter users quickly reacted to news of the upcoming album release and to the revealing of the album cover, as “Mr. Taxi” trended worldwide at number four.