Sunday, 21 August 2011

Hyoyeon's new innocent and femine image gains attention!

YAAAH!!! My Hyo Unnie is been getting attention lately (YEAH!)!
Sorry if I am so excited but my Hyo is my second favorite, and I LOVE HER! OK on to the news!
Apparently netizens and fans (Hyounnies) alike, has noticed Hyoyeon's change of style into a more matured and innocent image!
She is as well well known for a healthy and well balanced life style in the K-POP industry, no wonder it charms her fans even more (like my self :D), that's she has gone to a more lady like style! Seriously it suits her!
It charmed the fans so much that they have been commenting 'Right Now It's HyoYeon Shi Dae!
Have you watched SNSD LIVE in Niigata? Hyoyeon is so pretty in that performance in run devil run!

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