Sunday, 17 July 2011

SNSD Tiffany Japanese Tour Phamphlet Photos Gains Attention!

OMG! OMG! What did I just say in my previous post of the Japanese Tour Pamphlet? We just can't get enough, and so can't Fany fans!

Yup it has been gaining a lot of attention, and who can blame you if you are one them, because my self is even one of them.

First is our Taeng and now Tiffany has recently been a hot topic on the net.
This time she charms us without even her trademark eye-smiles! She has sexy swizzy hair to the left blowing, showing of her beauty snow skin and black hair (Yup she is the Korean snow white!) with a mature look and stylish sexy outfit that is just right...
Oh please Fany stop looking me at that, it just makes me jealous that she is such a beauty! 

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