Monday, 11 July 2011

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Tops Tower Records' Bestseller Charts!

The largest record store in Japan, Tower Records, has just released the first half of its "Bestseller 2011" charts.

Topping the album category is Girls' Generation self-titled album, "Girls' Generation".

1. Girls' Generation – Girls' Generation
2. Girls' Talk – KARA
3. Big Bang 2 – Big Bang
4. GD & TOP Vol. 1 – GD & TOP
5. Five Treasure Island – FT Island

In the singles category, Girls' Generation is ranked 4th with "MR. TAXI/Run Devil Run".

1. Replay: You Are My Everything – SHINee
2. Jet Coaster Love – KARA
3. Let Me Cry – Jang Geunsuk
4. MR. TAXI/Run Devil Run – Girls' Generation
5. Take Off – 2PM

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