Saturday, 30 April 2011

Korean Soldiers All Time Favorite Choreography Is SNSD's "Genie" !

SNSD Genie Live In 2009
This is the Japanese Version Of Genie In Late 2010

Which idol dance choreography do army soldiers like watching the most?
During a recent broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay”, reporters revealed results of a survey for “Girl group dances liked by army soldiers”, for which approximately 100 students who had returned from their military enlistment took part in.
First place went to SNSD and their popular “Leg Swift Dance” dance from their hit track, “Genie“. The dance move received immense popularity as it was easy to follow, and also showed off the members’ sexy legs perfectly.
This Is the Korean Genie in 3D Version in Early 2010
First Ever MV for the Genie in Korean Version in Late 2009
Watch The Music Video Here!

Genie The Korean 3D Version
Genie The Korean Version In 2009
Genie The Japanese Version 2010

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