Friday, 29 April 2011

SNSDFansUK reaches over 100,000 video views!

Thank you Thank you to all the viewers who has been watching our collection of non stop videos of Girls' Generation!

Today i reached 100,000 video views on YouTube account "SNSDFansUK" ! And on top of that I have reached 100 subscribers! I have regained confidence now in YouTube since I started my other YouTube accounts! So as a thank you I will be making vlogs called "It's SNSD Time!"

 Thanks again and keep stay tuned :)

Please watch this video as I am trying to get as many viewers as possible on Mr. Taxi by Girls' Generation!


  1. I keep watching the dance version - I prefer it!! But I am obbsessed with it at the moment. Well. what will be in the vlog?

  2. I think It'll be something about SNSD (Of course)and I will do a video about me unboxing Mr. Taxi CD! It still haven't arrived though :(