Monday, 18 April 2011

Yoona Thinks actress Son Eun Seo resembles like Seohyun!

 Korean actress was lately in SBS's latest episode of "Strong Heart", where she revealed she worked with Yoona in modeling before debuting in SNSD!

This is the actress Son Eun Seo! How much does she look like our Maknae?

On the show she told the viewers Before SNSD’s debut, Yoona told me that there was a member that she thought looked like me. Turns out, it was Seohyun.”

This is our Maknae Seohyun! They look really a like huh?

Son Eun Seo continued, “I used to be a make-up model with her back in the day. She said that she felt friendly with me because of how much I resembled one of her SNSD members. Once SNSD debuted, I found out that she was Seohyun.”

The show agreed 100% that she looked like Seohyun, no wonder why! 

Yoona, you were certainly right about Son Eun Seo!

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