Sunday, 17 April 2011


OK shocking news guys but our lovely kid leader was grabbed by a mysterious man at the "Angel Price Music Festival"! Check out the video below for how it happen and after read on what the man actually intended to do. And By the way go to the end part if you don't want to see the repeating scene.
Yeah very scary right? I am glad that Taeng is alright, and I like other sones would have been is not happy about the lack of security SM entertainment had >:-(

But our Taeyeon handled the incident very bravely, and returned immediately to the performance and continued the left parts! Go girl!

As for the man he was apparently desperately trying to get SNSD's attention or something, and was hold by the security for some time, but somehow he managed to slip past and grab Taeyeon!
Even a good angelic sone wouldn't do that! That is so rude to do in my opinion, especially when you really love and respect them!

And to those who keeps on commenting about how hyoyeon left Taeyeon being dragged and Sunny came after and trying save Taeyeon... Well this my comment:
First of all Hyoyeon was confused and shocked... her confusion was "Is it a security guard or some bloke?" and another issue "Should I respond or continue to perform?" I mean come on! Their management always says "Perform no matter what happens!"

And for Sunny, she could clearly more see what was going on... because she did not go after him straight after he caught Taeyeon only when he dragged her out the dance... So she decided to go after.

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