Friday, 17 June 2011

And the most popular SNSD member in Europe is...

The June 16th broadcast of SBS's "Midnight TV Entertainment" relayed news from on site at the Paris SMTOWN live concerts, which took place on the 10th and 11th.

Fans from various European countries gathered days before the Korean singers' concert. They not only lodged a couple days before the concerts, but they even said that they enjoyed waiting for the concerts in the rain.

It was particularly interesting to note that Girls' Generation has European ahjussi (middle-aged male) fans, too. Girls' Generation told of a memorable moment in Paris, saying, "We coincidentally ran into fans while we were looking around downtown. They enthusiastically danced the 'Gee' choreography in front of us and said that they were fans of us."

When Girls' Generation was asked who the most popular member was in Europe, they answered, "We think Hyoyeon is popular because she looks exotic." Hyoyeon said, "I'm not sure. Isn't it because I work hard?" and awkwardly said a greeting in French.

This sure would make Hyo Unnies fans happy, as we know that Korea and Japan lacks the love for Hyoyeon in music videos, especially Korea! But we know that there a hundred thousands of fans both in Korea and Japan and from other countries!
My self is a Hyo Fan! She is my second favorite after Fany!

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