Monday, 20 June 2011

Past photos of SNSD were posted in an article by Korean media outlet, Startoday, titled, “SNSD Past Photos, Who are you?” which has caught the attention of netizens.
The June 20th episode of MBC’s “Good Day – Entertainment Plus” showcased the topic of “Stars in midst of Controversy.” Although most of the photos presented on the show were already revealed to the public, they featured a number of celebrities under fire over plastic surgery accusations.
The ones that caught the most attention from this program were the members of SNSD. The show mentioned that Sunny, Tiffany, and Sooyoung were looking quite homely in their past photos compared to their present flashy appearances.
Netizens that were able to catch the aired episode were most intrigued by the dramatic changes to Sunny’s nose and eyes, along with the chubbier Tiffany of the past.
“Entertainment Plus” stated on the show that, “They are always circled by plastic surgery controversies because they seem to change in appearance every time a photo from the past is revealed“.

Personally I don't think they went under the knife when I saw their present appearance in an airport to Korea, and they were not wearing any make up! They looked exactly the same! Take a look!

And I will show you more evidence

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