Monday, 13 June 2011

SNSD was mentioned in a Swedish magazine (FRIDA) too!

As further proof of the "Global Generation" wave, the girls were mentioned in "FRIDA", a Swedish magazine for teen girls. The translation and scan of the article have been provided below. Thanks to Mishina@soshified for the tip and the translation!

Who are Girls' Generation?
Hi! I was wondering if you could tell us a bit about the South Korean group Girls' Generation? Do the have a fan-page? Hugs, Michaela.

Answer - Hi Michaela! Glad you are taking a notice to the nine girls in the pop band Girls' Generation that formed in 2007 when they were put together by the talent agency SM Entertainment. With so many members the girls have several different backgrounds. For instance, one was once a pop star in Japan, one has worked at a radio station, and another as a model. Several members were even born and grew up in the United States. Their official website is and allows you to see their music videos and try to learn everyone's name. Hugs, Sanna

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