Thursday, 2 June 2011

NEW [COLUMN] Who is your fave SNSD Pairing?

Yeah alright, we know that every sones fave are either, TaeNy, YulSic or YoonYul, but you know I have been searching on the net and there are pairings such as SooSica and SunFany that are cute and realistic pairings! So for those who love the other pairings and the royal couples, this is a section you should check in every week!

Lets start with pictures this week, and see the girls chemistry!

Phew ! What a hot couple! XD

Next is YulTi!

OMG! Let's not mention this to Sica or Taengoo...

Speaking of TaengSic...

This is truly a cute couple!

Then we got dancing couple HyoRi
And We don't forget HyoFany!

Personally one of my fave pairings, I think it's real... poor Hyoyeon don't get as much attention with pairings :(

That's it for today! Tune in next week for more pairing pics, featuring TaeNy! Can not Miss!

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