Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Announcement! I will be making a unboxing video featuring SNSD 1st Japanese Album!

Hey guys! Just share my excitement and some contents of how the new SNSD album will be, I have decided to make a unboxing video, of the FIRST PRESS LIMITED EDITION! Yes the big one!

After finally scraping some money from my EMA (something that government gives you when you attend sixth form), I have now placed the order from YesAsia (Yesterday) and it got shipped out today so I am expecting it in 10 - 15 days, but I guess it would come in 10 - 12 days from what I have experiencing from ordering from Korea and Japan!

I will also get the poster that comes with the edition... some people got it before or after they received their album, but it depends as it is shipped separately, so I can't wait for that!

So please check in some time in my website and my "about us" tab to find the link for my YouTube channel!

I highly recommend you to buy from YesAsia if you are from outside Japan! As that's the only cheapest... even Ebay is expensive!
[BUY] Japan 1st Album Deluxe First Press Limited Edition
cdjapan l YesAsia l HMV

[BUY] Japan 1st Album Limited Edition
cdjapan l YesAsia l HMV

[BUY] Japan 1st Album Regular Edition
cdjapan l YesAsia l HMV

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